October 23, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Rarely do I like to comment on videos here, but this one is so important that it simply must be noticed. It was brought to my attention by a regular reader here, who also graciously summarized its four main points in the email in which he(or she) sent it.  I read the email, and immediately began watching this interview on RT (Russia Today), with World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes:

RT: World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes on Worthlessness of US Dollar

I hope you caught what Ms. Hudes just said in this interview, because, as my commentator put it, there are essentially four points, one of which tends to confirm one of the suspicions I've had about gold bullion:

  1. The most controversial statement that Ms. Hudes makes is that the wealth of the USA is being syphoned off and out of the country, thence to make its way to the City of London, and thence to the Vatican Bank (the Institute for Religious Works). This calls for some comment. While at first hearing this may seem an absurd scenario, in its favor are those recent announcements that the Vatican is looking into the operations of its bank, and has recently closed embassy accounts because of suspicions that they were used to launder money for terrorist projects and other covert operations. Oddly, this confirms the ancient pattern of banksters cloaking their activities behind the probity of the temple, or religion, that I first examined in Babylon's Banksters.
  2. & 3. Most notably, she indicates that the idea of a gold-backed currency is unfeasible, since no one really knows how much is in existence, and in fact, she points out some 170,000 tons of the stuff in the Bank of Hawaii alone. That amount exceeds most estimates of the amount of the yellow bullion in existence. I have been arguing for quite some time that metalists, Austrian economics enthusiasts, and other gold-standard advocates, could be walking into a trap. My quibble is not so much with the idea of a gold standard or even bi-metallic gold-silver standard, but rather, that if current gold estimates of existent gold are off by an order of magnitude more or less, that will dramatically affect the price of gold and therefore of any putative currencies backed by it.  And in the "high octane speculation" part of the ledger columns, one also has the possibility of "alchemical technologies", some of which have been covered in my books and articles on this website.

Finally, Ms. Hudes notes that the Bank of International Settlements and its various member banks are at the center of the corruption. Is this feasible or possible?

Actually, yes it is. I've pointed out that this notorious institution was the brainchild of Montague Norman and one Hjalmar Schacht, of the Bank of England and the German Reichsbank, during the interwar period. Mr. Schacht specifically wrote into the charter of that bank that it would be immune from any financial attack by any of its member nations. In effect, the bank was chartered with a kind of "internationally recognized national sovereignty." During World War Two, of course, it functioned as a virtual satrapy of the Nazi regime, for laundering its liquid assets  and - here it comes - bullion into western banks.  Viewed a certain way, a case could be made that it forms a crucial component in the power structure and "shop fronts" for the postwar Nazi International.

The bottom line is this: Ms. Hudes, a World Bank whistleblower is corroborating various aspects of the hypotheses I've been entertaining about what's been going on in the past few years. And I find that to be profoundly disquieting.

See you on the flip side...