cosmic war


December 17, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

There's another clue out there that the meme of asteroid mining is a clever way of disguising the fact that space was collateralized(on our hypothetical scenario of the hidden system of finance and hidden space programs) long ago, and that, in turn, space collateralization is driving the militarization of space, and it's coming from an "unlikely" source: Canada. We'll get back to why I say "unlikely" in quotation marks in a moment.

In any case, the main story here is that a four-star Canadian general, General Walter Natynczk, former chief Canada's Defence Staff, has been appointed to head Canada's space agency:

New head of Canadian Space Agency working on 10-year space plan

Now why is this significant? Because, for one thing, you will not find a similar four-star general or flag officer appointment to head NASA, or the European Space Agency. As a political move, as a public opinion move, it would be a disaster, even though I have been arguing consistently that space collateralization implies space militarization, at a public level.

Enter Canada.

Many readers here may be unaware of the crucial role that Canada has played in the development of advanced aerospace technologies. I covered some of this in Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations. One need only think of the Avro company, and its various "flying saucer" projects conducted for the US Army and Airforce. General Arthur Trudeau - of Lt. Col, Philip Corso's Day After Roswell fame - was a frequent visitor to Canada throughout the 1950s up to the 1980s, coordinating various advanced space projects being conducted in that country and by Canadian firms for the US, and the UK, military. Indeed, "super-gun" developer, McGill University's Dr. Gerald Bull, was a close associated of General Trudeau. British aerospace "whiz" John "Jack" Frost also worked in Canada on a variety of covert joint projects for Canada, the UK, and the USA, which I have also detailed in that book. The bottom line here is that Canada is a significant liaison of technological aerospace projects between the USA and UK, and via the UK, into Europe's aerospace industry: British Aerospace, Messerschmitt-Belkow-Blohm, Dassault, Fiat, and, of course, the ESA.

And Canada can get away with appointing a four star general to "coordinate with NASA" in a way that none of the other countries could ever contemplate, indeed, would never dare try.

Why a four star general? I suspect the answer is rather simple: four star generals have a way of getting things done, and have a way of coordinating large scale projects and the logistics thereof with some skill... logistics for things like mining asteroids (and protecting the whole enterprise in the process). If it was a German, French, British, Italian, or American four star general, we'd hear no end of it.  So how to militarize the whole process without appearing to do so? Bring in a Canadian general. They're not threatening (conveniently forgetting Juno Beach on D-Day).

Bottom line: Canada's role in the post-war black projects and space agenda is still there, and indeed, has just been ratcheted up. And, like the Japanese with their selenosolar proposal, we can expect to hear some odd space proposals being voiced by Canada, speaking for the other "partners".

See you on the flip side.