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Yesterday I posted a general thank you notice to all of you for supporting this website over the past years. Today, I'd like to thank three special people, and to thank them by name. There was a hidden influence in this development, and that was my longtime friend Dr Scott D deHart, who encouraged me to take the leap, and a former student whose technical know-how (and patience) made it happen (and believe me, when you're working with a computer Klutz like me, you need patience and lots of it); and finally, George Ann Hughes, of the Byte Show, who also encouraged the move. So, my best wishes and thanks to all of you and especially to these three people, and best wishes for a Happy New Year.


  1. It took me five days to learn how to use my computer and I am still learning. The computer companies don’t even provide the user with a card describing the function of certain keyboard keys that would help a lot. Thorough banging around with Windows 8 at a Office Depot store it took me between twenty and thirty minutes to figure out how to use it. I have Windows 7 on my laptop and still learning it’s secrets. By the way if you have a laptop change your battery as soon as it dies or you’ll have problems and repair bills if you don’t. Hang in there with your computer Joseph and Happy 2014 everyone.

  2. I agree you have much to be grateful for with those three friends “at your back.” All are wonderful supporters of your process, and fine minds and hearts “to boot.”

    I am grateful for ALL of you, as GizaDeathStar and TheByteShow are my FIRST LINE place to be.

    Thank you all for everything you contribute to our continuing awakening to all of the BIG questions. You connect dots in a way that truly resonates with me…

    Shari/Ramura/Eight of Diamonds

    1. Frankie Calcutta

      Whenever I hear that Beatles song “With A Little Help From My Friends” I can’t help thinking about poor Pete Best, former Beatles drummer who was unexpectedly fired and replaced by Ringo only months before the Beatles launched into super stardom. If there is any man walking this planet who is ripe to making a deal with evil aliens or demons which would sell mankind down the river, it is bitter Pete Best. His contempt for his fellow man must be unparalleled.

      If I knew anything about music, I’d write an opera about Pete Best. The first act would be about how he gets dumped from the band, and the second act of the opera would be about how he gets triumph by helping aliens take over the world and in return all Beatles music is destroyed and erased from human memory. The third act would be about how Paul and Ringo, with help from the returning Gods– John and George, defeat Pete Best and the aliens and save mankind… and write a bunch of new songs along the way (which would be in the opera).

      THis opera would be nothing like the movie “Yellow Submarine” which has a similar theme.

      1. you could name it “a repo”…..snap goes the mouse trap, cleverly rewritten too the theme song puff the magi dragon would be a great song for your night at the opera.

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