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OK folks everyone makes mistakes. Many of you have pointed out Die Hard 3 came our in 1995, not after 9/11 as I for some reason had been thinking... don't know what I was thinking or why! Getting old! Anyway, folks, thanks for the correction


  1. How prescient the movie really was then six years before 9/11 maybe a message a bottle to the future eerie thought to think about. How art predicts the future uncanny isn’t.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      It’s as if some conspiracy tin-foiled-sooth die-hard director had access to a Zionist crystal ball.

  2. Perhaps this TIDBIT is related to the post, “THE NARCOLEPSY PROBLEM IN KAZAHKSTAN: THE SLEEP PROBLEM UPDATE,” of February 8, 2014???

  3. hey, Dr. Farrell!- don’t be so hard on yourself- we’re all getting older- BUT, to quote a former Romanian co-worker during my Bremen yrs.(’81-’86) speaking, of course, to me in German: “ein altes Huhn macht eine gute Suppe” (an old chicken makes a good soup)- yep, Dr. Farrell, you’re not just getting older you continue to become even better-

    and your research/postings continue to become even more intellectually delicious with time…

    please continue to be well-

    Larry in Germany

  4. If one could find a market for the electronic representations of US T bills, and that’s probably explained in the movie–don’t remember the detail, “Die Hard 4.0” is about stealing a lot more money than some tens of billions in gold in New York. And if the 4.0 venture were successful it would do a lot more damage to the US and world economies (at least official ones) than gold theft.

  5. And this is exactly why everyone should keep paying attention to you and learning from your work and perspectives. Without a doubt you are one of the most thoughtful, careful, and reasoned persons on the current research scene! Well done, Dr. Farrell.

  6. Well Joseph you are just plain human, in Australia it’s called a “seniors moment”.

    What’s that old saying about casting stones……..eh I forget!!!!!!!!!

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