11 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM MAY 29 2014”

  1. It appears that the PTB are fighting among themselves. Time to rejoice. They’ve taken over most of the world. Or least, stripped the assets out of the choicest parts and trashed the rest. Hence, the unsustainability train has started to come off the tracks. Behold the ultra slow motion crash..

  2. I still find it hard to believe that any gold reserves (or whatever) are being horded in the UK/FR/US, etc.;

    I still can’t fathom for one second why people still refuse to entertain the thought (like for one second) that whenever money/gold is involved one must cast an eye on the “neutral” country of…Switzerland-

    it doesn’t matter whether money/gold is “on/off the books” the biggest money-laundering country on this planet is Switzerland (always has been- so are we to believe it’s “different” nowadays?)-

    I wouldn’t doubt for a second there’s a secret financial system out there officially “off the books” but even a secret financial system needs book-keeping; so where might the headquarters (there are always headquarters) of this secret financial system be located?- stupid question-

    and what country is renowned for its “off the books” banking code of secrecy?- if I’m talking to myself please inform…

    and no one can convince me anyone who is that “gold horny” will let the gold out of his sight for one minute-

    question of the century: so where could all of this ‘known’ money in the world officially “on the books” (but clouded in the Swiss banking code of secrecy- gosh) let alone all the officially ‘unknown’ gold reserves + the book-keeping of a ‘hidden system of finance’ be located?-

    then add: who protects the Vatican?- the Swiss Guard-


  3. There is no doubt that the jig is up, and a lot of countries are asking some serious questions about just what’s going on with each others gold. The thing that I cannot understand is WHY do all these seemingly “sleepy” countries put their gold in another countries vaults? It just doesn’t make sense.
    There is no doubt that the Fed and especially the Bank of England have had enormous “clout” over the years, but “audits” are no going to cut it anymore, the bait and switcheroo have been exposed by the German’s and their door being slammed shut by the Fed, one wonders who will be the next country to get the “oh no” feeling.

  4. marcos toledo

    Anyone want to figure out how much gold and silver Europe made off from Africa, Americas, Asia, and Australia indigenous people. And where these hordes of metal are now and what they been used for the last five hundred years, that would make investigation.

    1. Well spotted Ramura, one of us will BREAK the code of the hats….one day…I have been back through vidchats, news and views, its not morse, fibonacci or boy scouts signals. Doc is smart, but we will reveal the code. (We were close, hence the topological complication to the code of the new hat.)

      1. We’ll have to ask in the vidchat tonight. Once he said there was no particular reason why he wore one or the other hat …. This new one has in the center a 5-pointed star on a ring, or wreath maybe … the other black hat has studs (7 in number?) that look sort of like faces. Curious, this new hat. It’s taller … more headroom 😉

  5. They can ask for audits all they want, other than a piece of paper or at best a picute of tungsten plated gold it is all gone.
    Nixon figured it out, which is why he took the dollar off of the gold standard…Tricky Rich figured out alot of how the group operated.

    The group…check out the french chef, and the colonel wanting to go surfing sipping on his coffee….chasing down the dragon lady.


    brainwashing at its finest~

  6. I just hope that in a few years time when this is discussed in the MSM they will admit that “Dr. Farrell was one of the first to point this out”!

    1. Hear! Hear! However, I doubt MSM is capable of being that honest or generous but we will remind them 😉 Dr Farrell’s broad and deep perspective is fitting the puzzle pieces together nicely …

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