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Back home from the Secret Space Program Conference. PLEASE bear with me folks, for all of you asking about the vidchats. I STILL have the company coming AFTER the conference, and as SOON as I AM ABLE, I will post the new schedule for vidchats. We will most likely have a vidchat on Friday July 11. I AM planning, in that vidchat, to talk a bit about my perceptions of the conference.

5 thoughts on “BACK HOME”

    1. Hopefully a lot of epiphanies in the audience! I can’t wait to hear about the conference — well actually I CAN wait :), till you’re rested up and ready to report. I think you were the only speaker who appeared both Sat & Sun? I hope it was received well.

  1. Celtic Death Star

    I’ve been wondering how all this money diverted into the secret space programme does not lead to localised hyperinflation?! Or are there price controls?

    Even if you divert several billion to the secret space programme, the production capacity has to be there. The capacity to manufacture is just as important as the money.

  2. Yes Joseph, kick back for a few days we all understand that the conference must have been a brain drain, so, put the feet up, open up some Mr. Pibb, and reconnect with the world….albeit slowly.

  3. Great! I hope you didn’t feel I was pressuring you for next one, only that I look forward to when you DO do the next one, and I am glad you will be including some things you noticed. By July 11th, you will also have had time to let it all “mull” for a bit.

    Congratulations on a fabulous conference, and have fun with your company and your downtime.


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