Now this  one, folks, probably few people saw coming: according to RT, citing a USA Today story,  the families of the victims of Flight 370 and whatever happened to it, have decided enough is enough, and have decided to set up a fund to launch their own investigation of what happened to the flight:

Flight MH370 families start fund to uncover truth about vanished jet

Permit me to cite a large portion of the Rt article here:

"Not satisfied with the lack of progress being made on locating Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, relatives of passengers are planning to launch a $5 million fundraising campaign aimed at triggering another investigation.

"According to a report by USA Today, the campaign will seek $3 million to reward a whistleblower for coming forward with new information and $2 million for private investigators to look into any other leads that emerge.

"The campaign has been dubbed “Reward MH370: The Search for the Truth,” and will officially launch on Monday through the crowd-funding website Indiegogo. Composed of families from the United States, Australia, France, India, and New Zealand, the campaign does not include the participation of Chinese or Malaysian families, whose relatives were the primary travelers on the plane.

"As for why these families decided they needed to start such an effort, American Sarah Bajc – whose partner, Philip Wood, was on the plane when it disappeared – said it’s necessary considering the failure to locate the plan up to this point.

"'We are taking matters into our own hands,' Bajc told USA Today. 'There is no credible evidence" the plane is somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean. "I'm convinced that somebody is concealing something.'Although Bajc is certainly not alone in feeling that way, these accusations have been denied by officials conducting the search.

"'Nothing important is being concealed in any way,' said Angus Houston, the head of Australia’s joint agency managing the search. 'My approach has always been to be as open as I could possibly be.'

"Houston acknowledged that not all the information is out in public just yet, but that a complete review is underway and should be finished sometime in June."

Doubtless the Australian government is not concealing anything, because if there is any sort of "conspiracy" in the mystery of flight 370, as has been persuasively argued by any number of people, and in any number of scenarios, it is highly doubtful that civil air officials in Australia or anywhere else knows about it.

What's really of interest here is what has to be read between the lines a bit:

  1. The spokesman for the group does not believe the flight went into the Indian Ocean, though no reason is offered as to why, suggesting that somehow the families have been privately investigating, and reached certain conclusions, or were perhaps given some sort of intelligence. As I pointed out early on in this affair, any crash in the Indian Ocean I tended to view as suspicious, since the depth of that body of water would mean that discovery of wreckage, much less any recovery of wreckage, could only be done by a very few nations with the technology to do it, and therefore, there would be no good way to corroborate their "story". An Indian Ocean crash, for me at least, indicated the possibilities of foul play, or an attempt to disguise the fact that no one really knows what happened to the missing flight, its crew, and passengers, and that a story had to be concocted which was not readily verifiable independently in order to conceal this fact;
  2. The group also seems to think that there is a suppressed story that can be pried from a whistleblower with a $3,000,000 reward, and this too is an indicator that (a) perhaps the families have been investigating privately already and come to certain conclusions which they are not yet sharing, and (b) that they suspect someone deep within some intelligence, military, or financial community may have information that could be purchased with a large sum of money. This implies, too, the possibility that the group has put in place protocols for verifying any information

In short, what we're seeing is complete disatisfaction on the part of the victim's families with all proffered explanations thus far... and they mean to do something about it. Next step: they need a website, a database, and a lot of support from anyone and everyone to investigate this mystery. They've already shown, by their very action, that they have the open minds to conduct it.

See you on the flip side...


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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. Centauri on July 7, 2014 at 9:16 pm

    Hello again to the good Doctor! Your site is part of my personal daily news watch. Anyways, this is the intel I think the families were smacked in the face with.

    Nobody remembers this and the western media was quick to sweep it under the rug so as not to draw any LOGICAL conclusions.


    I think the person who built this case most eloquently has to be this man. Take a couple minutes to read this page to the bottom, please. I hate to link to a new-agey website but when somebody nails it… what can I do? I had no choice but to discover his website when he broke the Financial Tyranny story.


    And before anyone exclaims,”ABSURD! These people are important!”— WRONG. These people aren’t even middle management. Wholly expendable when compared to the old families.

    The good news is that somebody(thing?) made that plane visible at the crucial moment where it mattered. The best news is that the ancient kleptocratic power structure is finally circling the drain.

  2. Wayne D on July 6, 2014 at 11:02 am

    Shot down by military? Thats my current guess. An aircraft out of a required airspace and not responding to requests for identification. Any of the nations in that area could be responsible. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand or Myanmar. Recall that Malaysia was not very forthcoming with helpful information (in fact obstructed)

    only locating wreckage may help solve this.

    Their would be plenty of hucksters coming forth with bogus info for three million dollars resulting in more diversions and false trails.

    Wayne/ Generic Pagan

    • GizaBrother on July 6, 2014 at 1:34 pm

      Due to the ping traffic, if it got shot that happened in that case some 7 hours after the transponder was turned off. But due to mobile phones having tones on calls to them, it shows it probably never got shot, at least very little points towards that. Also, because it was flying on relatively low altitude, someone from ground should have picked it up. On a remote island in the Maldives, residents claimed they saw a low flying jumbo jet the same morning that the Malaysia plane disappeared, according to the website of the Maldivian news outlet Haveeru. The Maldives are really close to Diego Garcia. So we have a bunch of data, correlating very well and building a story that makes sense. We know it was not heading north. We know it was not immediately shot down and likely never shot down. We know that no terrorists were likely on board, but rather persons with military and stealth expertise were onboard, possibly with high security clearance and some powerful knowledge. We know there was enough fuel for the plane to reach Diego Garcia, the engine data also suggested it had not stopped immediately, but in fact it had spent some time in the air at a location where it was not visible to any radar. Satellite pings were disabled, but then re-enabled, suggesting a sequence of being kept hidden at first, then having to turn on the system for navigation to the final destination. We do not know if the flight was carried out by the pilot or if it was routed remotely, there is some unconfirmed report out there suggesting the pilot had Diego Garcia as an airport in the flight simulation history. The US has the best tracking capability and the incident happens in US military territory, but keeps a relatively low profile in the investigation. Then ground eye witness on the Maldives even note a similar jumbo jet in the area flying at a low altitude, it is even made as public news. Remember Diego Garcia has a long landing lane that can receive such a big plane. Was this a hijacking incident? The answer is likely yes. Was this a military operation? The answer is likely yes. Was this carried out by either the US (Diego Garcia) or China (Coco Islands), likely yes. Which country was about to receive the intelligence hosted by the expertise onboard the plane? China. That in combination with the eyewitness report and the fact that the plane wreck is missing, makes Diego Garcia a very interesting lead in the investigation. But Cocos and Christmas Island are also interesting, although as far as I know we only have eye witnesses related to Maldives/Diego Garcia. So clearing this should be as simple as interviewing people on a few islands.

      • Daryl Davis on July 6, 2014 at 2:29 pm

        In other words, we may be witness to a 21st century version of Project Paperclip — only this time the scientists working on sensitive, secret technology were better and more forcefully shepherded by the U.S. out of the hands of their rivals.

        But what becomes of the other passengers, I wonder?

        • GizaBrother on July 7, 2014 at 10:56 am

          Kind of like Project Paperclip, good observation there! The military industrial complex has scaled out in such a way that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. The military industrial complex has divided like cancer cells, like International Special Access Programs. So what we are witness is a system with such a huge number of security clearances that the US president looks like he does not have any clearance. The issue is that the military industrial complex is not on a national level anymore. That time was gone a long time ago. Everything you see, the US, EU, Asia Pacific etc. that all sits on a lower level these days. On top of that you have several more layers, all on international level/global scope. One example being the global business layer, on top of that the global jurisdiction layer and so on. We are talking about a vast global corruption, massive in scale, that does not even end on this planet, but goes beyond it up to higher intelligence. The military industrial complex is driven by ego and the level of ego an intelligent being can express is far beyond what we can understand. Therefore we need the protection we get from higher intelligence, we could never protect ourselves the way it is. You might have seen UFOs coming here and eliminating missiles etc. That’s just a little glimpse of what’s going on behind the scenes. For us, it’s graduation, we have come here on this planet for this to be our catalyst, because we want to service with love through ego sacrificing and truth seeking so that we can transcend to higher levels of existence. We knew it was like this before we came here, but we wanted so much to express our gratitude and love of being able to make service to source in love, that we sacrificed everything and came here to release everybody from the slavery. Therefore, engaging in the work of reveiling what is hidden, being in truth and forming a more loving world, might seem like something minor, but it’s grand.

          • Daryl Davis on July 7, 2014 at 12:10 pm

            Your interpretation of our purpose here on Earth reminds me of the many discussions I’ve had with people who underwent near death experiences. Most claim that we chose this world and this time and this incarnation in order to fulfill some necessary service toward ascension or re-integration.

            I must say, though, that I would never again return to this Earth were I given a different option. And though I’m content to shed whatever light I can to whomever might require it, I don’t appreciate what seems to be my bit part in this dark inner drama of a restless, dozing higher source.

            Methinks “He” doth display too great an imagination.

    • LSM on July 6, 2014 at 2:00 pm

      “Shot down by military?”- I read the same report (“joint military exercises being carried out by US/Thailand”- if there is any truth to this report)-

      IF the plane was shot down (even ‘accidently’ ) by any country’s military China/Malaysia/Australia/New Zealand, etc. (they all have their intelligence agencies) would be screaming it from the roof-tops; but none are;

      I think we can safely assume the families trying to raise funding from the general public for an explanation to this mystery (who in the general public really cares about this incident?- no-one- it didn’t affect them) obviously already have a lot of money at their finger tips-

      but I somehow feel no amount of offered money will solve this mystery;

      if my read sources are correct the info regarding this incident is now highly classified and no more info will be provided to the general public (as if true info was ever provided to us)-

      in any case I think the censorship is because whoever knows about this plane’s uncanny disappearance (and we can be sure many know but the few potential whistleblowers have been gagged) feels the ‘general public’ would not be able to deal with the concept (as if the General Public has ever been made aware of any truthful concepts…)-

      be well-


  3. marcos toledo on July 6, 2014 at 9:36 am

    Taking a break today I see not post for today July 6,2014 Joseph.

  4. MadMax on July 6, 2014 at 8:54 am

    The world’s foremost Remote Viewer (Major Ed Dames) was on Coast-to-Coast AM July 4th taking about what #actually*
    happened to MH370:

    “Dames reiterated his previous statement on the lost Malaysia Airlines flight, stating unequivocally that
    the plane was hijacked by the captain and went down in the waters to the west of Myanmar”.

    He was on Coast shortly after the plane went down (March 18) and gave a map of the planes final location:



    • GizaBrother on July 6, 2014 at 12:09 pm

      Initially there were two possible routes the investigation team considered, one was pointing in the northerly direction, the other one was point in the southerly direction. The one pointing in the northerly direction has turned into waste of time because the team has calculated the flights trajectory using the flight’s satellite pings and double checked it against 6 other planes with a strong enough correlation for being considered accurate, concluding it went in a more southerly direction. Due to certain drifts in the satellite’s own path, this calculation is kind of an approximation, but we know it was never spotted on Australien radar, therefore we can kind of conclude that it was likely heading a bit more west rather than east (when seen on the map), which was also the tendency between the spotting on the secondary and primary radar. Now, the more west it gets, the closer it comes to the US military base Diego Garcia, where you can bet they employ sophisticated tracking technology. There is also the Coco Island base, which also has an airport. What has been confirmed is that 20 employees working at Freescale Semiconductor, were onboard the plane, a company specializing in stealth technology. With such people onboard, having expertise in radar signature, this also is an interesting lead, since one of the main issues about the missing plane was how well it covered up its signature on the various radars during the escape. All in all, there are at least two very interesting islands to consider, both with military influence: Diego Garcia, Coco Islands. When summing what we currently know about this incident, it surely wants to drift in a military direction.

  5. gkb623 on July 5, 2014 at 5:30 pm

    i wonder if the technology used in this event is somehow related to the “rapture” concept ( sounds funny but not really) mainly bec. there’s not a trace found as of now

  6. nobodyouwantoknow on July 5, 2014 at 4:55 pm

    Once again, I tell you : the plane was snatched by a huge disk craft, probably Antartic Nazis. I saw it happen in a prophetic dream 2 days before the event.

    The craft was wider than the wing span of the jet, and very agile — it parked on top of the jet in mid-flight and clamped on somehow. It had an aileron parallel to the “rear” quarter of the circumference.

    I can hear you laughing already, but guess what — You sound nervous, and I don’t care about your unqualified opinion. Don’t bother replying to this unless you have constructive criticism to offer.


    Descended Master Boddhisattva Nobodyouwantoknow

  7. DownunderET on July 5, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    I can understand the relatives of the missing passengers offering a reward, I mean what else can they do? The only problem here is if anyone comes up with the location, then how did they get that information? I believe the Australian government has done everything it could do and I don’t believe the Australian government has hidden anything, just imagine if they did hide something and it “got out”. So scratch the Australian government in any conspiracy. I’ll say it again, they will never find this plane, and once we accept this scenario, then we can get back to a normal life. Saying that is easy, but not for the relatives of the missing crew and passengers. One more thing, this event goes into the unsolved category, but like the JFK assignation and 9/11 it will not be forgotten, that is the only sure thing about it.

    • Enlil's a Dog on July 5, 2014 at 7:33 pm

      You have far more faith in the integrity of those in Canberra than I do!

      • DownunderET on July 5, 2014 at 8:29 pm

        Well there’s a big difference between looking for a missing plane and running a country. Sure there are some dingbats in Canberra, but Angus Houston isn’t one of them IMO.

    • LSM on July 6, 2014 at 9:07 am

      “I can understand the relatives of the missing passengers offering a reward”- anyone who offers a ‘reward’ in an international incident must have obviously mega-funds already behind them; I think it is folly to think anyone in the general public could care the less about this incident because it hasn’t affected them personally so I don’t think any ‘normal’ person will be donating;

      anyone not yet noticed only the NZ/AUS, etc. (all assumed ‘whites’) and no Asians (as far as we know) are offering a ‘reward’ for this incident?-

      skin color aside (I’m anything but a racist): I continue to ask myself “who” or “what” was on this plane to deliver it into obscurity?

      be well!


  8. Robert Barricklow on July 5, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a peoples’ government somewhere. Hey, even a hybrid that is somewhat on the human side of being whatever it is. Instead, worldwide there is a Transnational being that has declared its corporation self human, or at least in legal terms a person. Now its government; naturally, is Transnational under the protection of a National Security umbrella. All information has been financialized and commodisized. Most of it is prioritized in a proprietary if not downright copyrighted straightjacket.
    Remember Flight 800? It was shot down by a U.S. missle. Of course, the FBI investigation revealed a “You Can Handle THIS Truth” version for the hoi polloi public at large.
    Here we are again, decades later, and the “You Can Handle THIS Truth versions are being shot down by an internet savvy public at large. So how to find the truth in a world that guards it simply “they” truly believe the old meme of, “The Truth Shall Set You Free’. And we all know that’s the kind on information the public can’t handle; because the 1% of the 1% know, it is only “they” who can handle the truth of what monsters our puppet masters TRULY ARE!

  9. GizaBrother on July 5, 2014 at 3:07 pm

    Maybe this was some kind of “military test” for current airspace dominance and computer warfare capabilities. In case it was carried out by a nation and the plane eventually got shot by some hi tech weapon, China is not the nation that is topping the suspect list, simply because among the passengers most were from China. Instead, this could be the act of a rogue group with ties to a foreign intelligence agency, one that knows how to remotely take over a plane, leaving little enough signature for tracking, bypassing all the security mechanisms to gain control, then routing it intelligently enough to leave the whole world in confusion about how this was even possible. But, with all the systems out there, I doubt this is all that everyone knows about what happened to Flight 370 and where it went. The investigation needs to ask a lot of questions and study the answers really well.

  10. GizaBrother on July 5, 2014 at 2:37 pm

    Here is what we know about flight 370. According to aviation experts Boeing 777 aircrafs have a safety record that is one of the best of any commercial aircraft. The fact that it would spontaneously fail and crash is the last explanation to consider, especially since we still don’t have any pieces of the plane in front of our eyes. The fact that the satellite link failed and re-established through log-on requests, not once but twice, the first half an hour after satellite link went down, the second six hours after that suggests there was no direct automatic physical cause to the satellite link going down, the link was not broken due to fire inside the plane or anything to that nature. Only 3 minutes after the last voice communication with flight 370, not only one but two tracking systems stop operating – the transponder and ADS-B, leaving the aircraft’s signature hidden from the secondary radar. Then only 3 minutes later the flight deviates from its planned route. This in combination with the log-on requests coming from the flight and no answer from cockpit in the attempt of radio communication from ground station, clearly suggests a quite sudden and intelligent maneuver of the flight, at which point the crew either deliberately was not answering to radio calls from ground station or was not able to answer. Clearly there was a very mysterious sudden loss and re-gain of contact with the flight followed by a deviation in flight path only minutes later. The fact that communication was entering a non-operating state – and these systems are redundant – suggests a deliberate and intelligent cause for this loss in communication, especially since no facts suggests otherwise. It is also very strange that modern flights like Boeing 777 equipped with transponder and ADS-B CAN disable these from cockpit when the flight is in flight mode, is not the point to prevent exactly that, so that you can keep track of the plane to the greatest extent possible. It would be interesting to know under what conditions these communication systems are allowed to be disabled. THIS points towards something of the more “intelligent” nature behind the flight 370 incident, possibly done from a remote location. Since no defence radar spotted the signature of the missing flight thereafter, that is either true in which case it went to a distant island or something to that nature, or it is false and was remotely routed to a nearby nation under cover-up. Both scenarios though, seem to correlate well with the core facts of the incident – the tracking systems should never have failed, the flight path should have never deviated its normal course, both took place. So who was behind that and where did the plane finally end up? How a Boeing 777 can just vanish from all possible tracking options including those most fundamental ones, shows there is a power behind this with a lot of insight into flight operation and flight tracking. That in turn seems to indicate there could be military involvement in this incident.

    • Daryl Davis on July 5, 2014 at 3:36 pm

      Nice analysis, GizaBrother.

      I’m still half-expecting a news report of yet another airliner that has apparently disappeared over one of Earth’s deeper oceans. Then this phenomenon gets REALLY interesting….

      But the fact that thus far only this one plane has disappeared suggests that the cause was neither a terrorist attack nor, thank goodness, a whole-plane alien abduction.

      For surely had the plane been the largely random target of an opportunistic terrorist group, one or more such groups would have long since claimed responsibility for it. They’re normally not shy about such things.

      And were this odd disappearance the compelling first chapter in a novel new alien-Earthling contact story, why would it have started now, as opposed to many decades ago, or then stopped seemingly at only one plane?

      It also wasn’t likely a covert group testing their latest remote hijacking capabilities on random commercial flights. No doubt they have their own dummy planes for that.

      So, it was either a very complicated, improbably-protracted malfunction or a very deliberate, impressively-secretive attack/seizure with an equally mysterious intended aim and intended target.

      • GizaBrother on July 6, 2014 at 4:56 am

        Thanks Daryl, I found your analysis nice too. Only 3 minutes after the transponder and ADS-B stopped operating the flight deviated from its planned flight path by a lot relative to the target destination – by what seems at least 90 degrees and precisely on the minute one hour later it also vanished from the primary radar. That shows the crew did not want it to resume on its current flight path to the north, but rather wanted it to go in a westerly direction, quite suddenly. There is some information out there suggesting the deviation in flight path was a controlled maneuver through reprogramming of the plane happening at least 12 minutes before the last radio contact. This in combination with the plane gone missing due to limitations in Thai’s radar and the trandsponder and ADS-B systems having stopped operating, seems to suggest the plane was deliberately, controlled and silently seeking a non-signature condition done by someone with insight into a whole range of areas of expertise and that it had not completely gone unintelligent during the deviation, which would have been the case for instance in an oxygen incident. It was reported that the deviation towards Palau Langkawi airport seemed logical as a result of an emergency situation, especially since the plane had made a significant deviation from its normal flight path and also due to the significant decrease in altitude. The fact that such an emergency landing never took place in combination, in combination with no maydays from cockpit, with the apparent seeking of a non-signature condition, suggests the plane could have been under some kind of intelligent attack. Since it did not make an attempt at landing at Palau Langkawi airport by the pilot or the first officer, they were either unconscious due to for instance smoke in inside the plane which should have resulted in the plane eventually catching fire and setting all systems in a catastrophic failure, losing control and crashing some time thereafter (not 6+ hours later) or was under someone else’s rogue control which also correlates to the malfunctioning/disabling of the transponder before that. And with a system going down due to fire, it is very unlikely the fire would then stop and the systems automatically reaching a good state again, of course it is possible that some backup system turned on, but that should have happened much sooner than it did. Therefore it is kind of possible to draw the conclusion that the deviation in flight path was not a direct result of the transponder and ADS-B systems reaching a non-operating state due to normal physical failure, but were rather two separate events towards a common target. There might have been an intension by the cockpit crew to increase the chance of survival by making the plane heading towards the Palau Langkawi airport, but because no signal from the cockpit indicated “loud” emergency, which I find should be possible under almost any emergency conditions, the scenario indicates at best a “silent” emergency. Because of the hourly ping contacts with the aircraft many hours thereafter, the plain was not under sudden heavy fire either and did not reach a quite sudden explosion. Hijacking is in my view the most likely explanation to this incident. A normal emergency does not cause this much coincidences of hidden information, such as no plain wrecks, lack of signature on radar, lack of mayday calls, lack of emergency impulses/commands by the cockpit crew and so on. For all of these coincidences to take place there seems to be a lot of intelligence deployed, which kind of suggests this could have been planned in advance. The theory of this being the remote control of a rogue group is not the least likely cause. If you want to route the plane on a long distance beyond the normal protocol, you take down the plane to a low enough altitude for it not to be discovered by other planes in terms of visible air sight by other craft, you turn off the transponder too so that these crafts cannot spot you. You then go beyond the reach by military radar and ensure a condition where traces are lost. You fly at low altitude not because you are heading towards the land hence could be spotted, but because you are heading to a very distant island. You initially confuse the flight path making it seem like the flight is in emergency and needs to land at a nearby airport, then you change flight path and go in the direction where the chances of being spotted is least likely, out somewhere at the sea. I think flight 370 was remotely hijacked by a hacking group of military capacity and background. I don’t think it was a normal emergency accident, it has very little typical signs of that.

        • GizaBrother on July 6, 2014 at 6:22 am

          What if Flight 370 was remotely and safely routed to the Diego Garcia military base to produce a certain setup. When looking at the trace evidence and the possible target escape routes, Diego Garcia is at a perfect location relative to the Flight 370 incident.

          • GizaBrother on July 6, 2014 at 7:13 am

            Joseph, please have a closer look at the combination of Flight 370 and Diego Garcia military base in upcoming blog posts about Flight 370. We have absolutely no reason to believe Flight 370 crashed into the ocean, the potential for a military intervention and guidance of the plane towards a distant island like Diego Garcia is highly interesting. The fuel was enough, the flight characteristics match (the flight deviated in a westerly direction not in an easterly direction), the engine data of the running hours match the distance to Diego Garcia and there are a number of different separate leads going in this direction, e.g., A) that up to 20 persons on board had Cosmic Top Secret clearances further strengthening the military intervention theory, B) one of the passengers Philip Wood had sent a message from his mobile phone indicating the plane had been hijacked, C) after this incident all leave to Diego Garcia has been put into a non-authorized state. Right now, everything we know about the incident is leading in a particular direction: Intervention by a military power.

        • Daryl Davis on July 6, 2014 at 6:50 am

          Wow, great job, GizaBrother.

          I suppose we may never know just what was aboard that plane that made such an elaborate high-tech operation as this one necessary.

          I don’t find credible the theory that it was actually the plane itself that was targeted and either remotely or internally seized upon, in order to be deployed later in a terrorist/false flag attack.

          The sort of technology and expertise required just to safely capture that plane with so little detection betrays an operator with the resources to furnish itself or to commandeer any plane whenever and wherever it would become necessary — no point in starting a secret arsenal — let alone collecting one so overtly.

          But this does beg the question: If commercial jets can be remotely commandeered, would the same device be capable of commandeering ENEMY FIGHTER jets, perhaps even an entire squadron, then turning them back upon their own nations? Or even causing them to commit an egregious act of war against a U.S. ally or enemy state, or against the U.S. itself?

          Would this then represent the next generation in false flag attacks? (And did the USS Donald Cook discover that those Russian jets may have effective defensive countermeasures for just such a technology?[Which would strongly suggest that they may have also developed an offensive version of the plane-capture capability.])

          Can’t we all just go back to sticks and stones?

      • LSM on July 6, 2014 at 7:13 am

        “this one plane has disappeared suggests that the cause was neither a terrorist attack nor, thank goodness, a whole-plane alien abduction”- we don’t know that yet- it remains a mystery- I don’t rule out ANYTHING-

        but then my continuous (unanswered) question: ‘who’ or ‘what’ was on this plane that could’ve been interesting enough to vanish it without a trace?-

        regardless of source (terrestrial/extraterrestrial- I could care less): what would’ve been the motive (many unfounded theories out there)?-

        or did this plane just simply enter a worm-hole?- we just don’t know- will we ever?

    • LSM on July 6, 2014 at 6:53 am

      “seems to indicate there could be military involvement in this incident”- I think this could be possible- but what military motive could’ve possibly been behind this?- ‘who’ or ‘what’ was being carried on this plane to justify its ‘vaporized’ demise?

  11. marcos toledo on July 5, 2014 at 10:27 am

    What I don’t understand is why are no the Sino,Malaysian families not participating in this investigation. Since most of the missing are of Chinese and Malaysian ethnicity they should be at the forefront of this private reward investigation have they been threaten by their governments and why have their governments taken that stance Flight MH370 mystery grows weirder by the day.

  12. Enlil's a Dog on July 5, 2014 at 9:06 am

    “it is highly doubtful that civil air officials in Australia or anywhere else knows about it”.

    Under normal circumstances I would agree with you, but in this case Angus Houston is not just a bureaucrat, but he is a Royal Australian Airforce retired ‘Chief Air Marshal’ – to use an American analogy you would consider him part of your ‘Joint Chiefs’structure.

    This man is a career military man and one that would have had access to much of the region’s more sensitive data when he was in charge of the RAAF. He would know where all the sensitive ‘eyes & ears’ outposts are in this region and the fact that he is not standing up and asking the same questions that Geo Resonance were asking in a recent blog you posted, suggests to me that this man knows much more than he is letting on – either that or he is stupid and that I believe, is an assumption that is not even worth considering!

    • Frank Stankus on July 5, 2014 at 10:27 am

      You may also want to consider the careful wording he uses: ‘Nothing important is being concealed in any way,’ implies that some things are indeed being concealed, although they’re deemed not important.

      And ‘My approach has always been to be as open as I could possibly be’ may be interpreted to also mean that he can’t be completely open — only as much as he can (or is allowed to) be, presumably for something like national security reasons.

      Granted, I may be reading more into his words than he intended but in situations like this, I think that you have to look at every angle.

      • Enlil's a Dog on July 5, 2014 at 7:45 pm

        I agree. Why wouldn’t they choose a big-wig from the Civil Aviation Authority to lead the investigation, after all it was a civilian aircraft not a military aircraft? There are plenty of people that could have led this investigation.

        There is a reason this man was chosen to lead this investigation. He will say what he is told to say and he will do what he is told to do – just as he has done all of his professional life!! That’s what I think anyway.

  13. Daryl Davis on July 5, 2014 at 7:07 am

    I sincerely wish the “370” families better luck in finding their answers than the family members of 9/11 victims had.

    Speaking of potentially fascinating IndieGogo projects, I think this one, which just came across my “wires”, is well worth watching:


    • marcos toledo on July 5, 2014 at 5:54 pm

      Just hoping these guys don’t get the Nicola Tesla treatment themselves wishing them success in their endeavor.

  14. Urban Gal on July 5, 2014 at 6:15 am

    Good for them. I always wondered if the lane was “poofed” in mid air by energy weapons, the kind discussed by Dr Judy Wood in her speech to the 2012 Breakthrough? Energy Conference in Amsterdam…seen on this link. Fascinating analysis…

    • LSM on July 5, 2014 at 8:12 am

      “I always wondered if the lane was “poofed” in mid air by energy weapons”- you and me both- but I still haven’t read/found a plausible motive for any human faction possibly responsible for such an action; if this plane’s demise was of human origin, ‘who’ or ‘what’ was on this plane that had to be liquidated without a trace and to who’s benefit?- I don’t have the answer-

      stay well-


    • marcos toledo on July 5, 2014 at 5:49 pm

      Thanks for the link Urban Gal two and half hours but well the time for the information contained in this video.

  15. Luso on July 5, 2014 at 5:32 am

    And now than can start surveying GeoResonance´s site… 😉

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