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July 5, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Now this  one, folks, probably few people saw coming: according to RT, citing a USA Today story,  the families of the victims of Flight 370 and whatever happened to it, have decided enough is enough, and have decided to set up a fund to launch their own investigation of what happened to the flight:

Flight MH370 families start fund to uncover truth about vanished jet

Permit me to cite a large portion of the Rt article here:

"Not satisfied with the lack of progress being made on locating Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, relatives of passengers are planning to launch a $5 million fundraising campaign aimed at triggering another investigation.

"According to a report by USA Today, the campaign will seek $3 million to reward a whistleblower for coming forward with new information and $2 million for private investigators to look into any other leads that emerge.

"The campaign has been dubbed “Reward MH370: The Search for the Truth,” and will officially launch on Monday through the crowd-funding website Indiegogo. Composed of families from the United States, Australia, France, India, and New Zealand, the campaign does not include the participation of Chinese or Malaysian families, whose relatives were the primary travelers on the plane.

"As for why these families decided they needed to start such an effort, American Sarah Bajc – whose partner, Philip Wood, was on the plane when it disappeared – said it’s necessary considering the failure to locate the plan up to this point.

"'We are taking matters into our own hands,' Bajc told USA Today. 'There is no credible evidence" the plane is somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean. "I'm convinced that somebody is concealing something.'Although Bajc is certainly not alone in feeling that way, these accusations have been denied by officials conducting the search.

"'Nothing important is being concealed in any way,' said Angus Houston, the head of Australia’s joint agency managing the search. 'My approach has always been to be as open as I could possibly be.'

"Houston acknowledged that not all the information is out in public just yet, but that a complete review is underway and should be finished sometime in June."

Doubtless the Australian government is not concealing anything, because if there is any sort of "conspiracy" in the mystery of flight 370, as has been persuasively argued by any number of people, and in any number of scenarios, it is highly doubtful that civil air officials in Australia or anywhere else knows about it.

What's really of interest here is what has to be read between the lines a bit:

  1. The spokesman for the group does not believe the flight went into the Indian Ocean, though no reason is offered as to why, suggesting that somehow the families have been privately investigating, and reached certain conclusions, or were perhaps given some sort of intelligence. As I pointed out early on in this affair, any crash in the Indian Ocean I tended to view as suspicious, since the depth of that body of water would mean that discovery of wreckage, much less any recovery of wreckage, could only be done by a very few nations with the technology to do it, and therefore, there would be no good way to corroborate their "story". An Indian Ocean crash, for me at least, indicated the possibilities of foul play, or an attempt to disguise the fact that no one really knows what happened to the missing flight, its crew, and passengers, and that a story had to be concocted which was not readily verifiable independently in order to conceal this fact;
  2. The group also seems to think that there is a suppressed story that can be pried from a whistleblower with a $3,000,000 reward, and this too is an indicator that (a) perhaps the families have been investigating privately already and come to certain conclusions which they are not yet sharing, and (b) that they suspect someone deep within some intelligence, military, or financial community may have information that could be purchased with a large sum of money. This implies, too, the possibility that the group has put in place protocols for verifying any information

In short, what we're seeing is complete disatisfaction on the part of the victim's families with all proffered explanations thus far... and they mean to do something about it. Next step: they need a website, a database, and a lot of support from anyone and everyone to investigate this mystery. They've already shown, by their very action, that they have the open minds to conduct it.

See you on the flip side...