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    The Bush-adviser/Obama cover-up for Ukraine’s military-jet downing of MH17 and use of MH17 verdict-before-trial tactics to drag the EU into a big war with Russia are too much for Merkel & most Europeans.

    Rather than the EU flying into a war against Russia, the EU may fly into BRICS – on the ‘tale’ of Malaysia Airlines.

    If they lose the EU, then Bush-Obama-Clinton will lose the presidency in 2016 (now slated to be contest between Daddy Bush boy Jeb and Daddy Bush friend-Bill’s wife Hillary).

    Evidence is growing that MH17 & MH370 were done by ‘One Perp.’ See “Two Planes: One Perp” at http://breakfornews.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7164.

    If so, then Daddy Bush & his friends can kiss their collective ass goodbye – to say nothing about EU, 2016 presidency, and big war.

    For Dems & Reps, war is the party. In 2011-2012, a Malaysia War Crimes Tribunal convicted GW Bush and Bush officials of war crimes for torture and illegally invading Iraq. Convictions referred to International Criminal Court.

    Thus, GHW Bush’s One-Perp party does not like Malaysia. Malaysia poops parties. So, ‘One Perp’ pooped Malaysia.

    Goodbye Obama, Clinton & Bush. All aboard Malaysia Airlines!

    1. T.J. is herewith thanked for having provided a link to a material relation which adds depth to this important NEWS AND VIEWS.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    U.S. invasion after invasion. Wesley Clark’s seven country invasion prediction clock still a ticking time bomb. The latest Ukraine Nazi puppets theater is beyond tragedy & farce. Now “we” have this latest globalized junta-required agitprop about working together to overcome adversity & negative elements. It’s time for the people to blow past these mainstream Potemkin wannabe popsicle stands and get the truth running light-speed laps around their manufactured lies.

  3. Lots of people in Europe for a long time haven’t liked USA’s foreign policies. It was very noticeably when the dicussion went on to invade Irak or not. Of course “the people” where never represented nor by press nor by the politicians.

    For the decades being ignored by press and politicians they in turn where taken by surprise with the european elections which was very right winged indeed. Uncle Adolf’s ideas are getting popular by the minute.
    (Ike’s problem/reaction/solution comes to mind, but who’s steering it) Europe for the moment is a mess and more volatile in a negative way than openly stated.

    Since the german BND sprang out of Ghelen.org the question is how “NAZI” is Germany or did they mostly left to foreign countries? It would be very naive to think they all went to Chili, Argentina, Uncle Sam and Spain.

    1. True followers of Uncle Adolf’s ideas would be Socialists and Occultists, as was he. Of course Uncle Adolf’s ideas were so extreme that he embarrasses the moderate left, so they need to disavow any association with him. Can’t blame them for that.

  4. Well it’s long overdue that the almost seventy year occupations of Germany and Japan be ended once and for all. And the Korean War be finally ended after sixty one years. Roman Baudzus forgets the low life scum who were sent to the Americas and Australia as garrison troops to fork over the loot to their masters in Euro-Western Asia. They should have picked a better quality of personal to do the job but no garbage in garbage out won out suffer the consequences knaves.

  5. Merkel rather blythely decides what is best for the Ukrainian nation and people in the name of German prosperity. Deja Vu Neville Chamberlain and the Czech Sudetenland.

    Any wonder why Poland and the Baltics are so strident

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