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  2. What about those red-haired humanoid conehead skulls in Paracas? Now there’s something that will make the world sit up and take notice, not some poor Joe Blow from ancient Sumer.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Especially one taken from a living specimen.
      To find one: just shine some sunlight in a very dark, high-up-echelon, hidden black site, at an undisclosed location, of commanding heights.

  3. And this skeleton was lost a la the scene from the 1st Indiana Jones movie where the Ark Of The Covenant is seal in a box and sent to a warehouse to be forgotten. I just makes me wonder what our overlords are cooking up with this revelation now what bolt from heaven will strike us now if this Sumerian boy DNA is reveled. Stay tune if they even dare to revel anything next to the truth about the Sumerians.

  4. Very interesting. I was wondering when they would get around to that, and not for some ET hypothesized connection. I think ancient Sumer holds the key to many of the questions and influences that Joseph writes about, and DNA testing can answer more than just who their descendants may be. Something very unusual is going to come from that region.
    As a side note, or maybe not so on the side, their was a related article on that page which mentioned that a scientist wanted to clone John Lennon from a tooth sample. This article referenced here also was dealing with a tooth sample for DNA testing. Maybe if the results of the test are interesting enough, they will attempt to clone this guy from Sumer.

    1. if the late 7O’s/early 8O’s testaments of radio show host Peter David Beter (peterdavidbeter.com) are to be taken seriously they were already cloning people as late as the mid 7O’s (and most probably much, much earlier)-

      but what baffles me is why they would want to clone someone like John Lennon from a tooth (he was one of the first public personalities trying to make people aware of a “control system” on this planet); so from which tooth?- a WISDOM tooth (if he had any left; dentistry loves to yank perfectly good wisdom teeth- I’ve lost two)?-

      so why are wisdom teeth labeled ‘wisdom teeth’?- anyone not yet mulled that concept over?-


    1. Yep and the results will be that they belong to Haplo-group this or Haplo-group that. Nothing to see here people, move on!

      I’ve no doubt the Sumerian race were 100% human and even if they weren’t how do we prove they were alien as some have suggested?? By what determinant do we measure what is and what is not alien DNA?? That’s what I always ask people. One must have a frame of reference to work with – in this case formally documented ET DNA and if they have that, they sure aren’t going to tell us about it hahaha 🙂

      1. What about the Starchild Skull the late Lloyd Pye obtained from a couple in El Paso Texas? The mitochondrial DNA showed the mother to be human, but there were some strangeness and questions about the father.

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