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This one was found by Ms. P.H. and I have to share it. Dig this image from NASA's JPL, and I'll leave it to you to ponder all the implications(look in the upper left corner):



  1. Take a look at how the shadows fall on the Bocci rack, they don’t fall in the same direction.

  2. When I look at it sideways, it seems like the back is flat and there are head sculptures (all facing the same way?) in a row. In fact, it looks like it slipped off the flat surface behind it to the right…

    All very strange…

  3. Anyone at all interested in Mars should study this newly published geological map of Mars, just published today by the USGS: http://www.sci-news.com/space/science-geologic-map-mars-02174.html

    You can clearly see that the southern half of the planet was blown away and riddled with craters +/-300 million years ago, and that the vast Hellas Planitia crater-basin in the south corresponds exactly to the vast upwelling of the Mons Olympus protrusions on the exact opposite of the planet.

    Of course, all of this is ignored, and the data obfuscated by dry-as-dust scientific jargon and willful blindness.

  4. how come no one is commenting on the smooth surfaced that looks like a part of a road covered in sand?

  5. Mind you, I am a fan of all the various imaginative theories about the Martian past remote viewed, channeled, whatever; but what most excites me about Mars is the evidence that it is as dead as a doornail. That exemplifies what a choice thing a life planet like Earth is. Mars is probably what most of the universe is – rocks and extreme cold and extreme heat and lonely as hell. We have to jettison our loss of nerve with regard to stewarding planet Earth. Making a new earth somewhere else will take eons, and we do not have eons left before trashing what we have. When I see all those barren Martian photos on the TV I inwardly rejoice because the subliminal message is that Earths are very, very rare things.

  6. I think it looks more like a rack to hold Bocci Balls. I think at one time mars was inhabited by Italian Mars who spent most of their time eating linguini, drinking wine, and playing Bocci Balls. Just a theory of course.

      1. How Do You Drive A Venetian Nuts? …. Put Him In A Round Room And Tell Him There’s An Hermetic Solution In The Corner !

    1. I think I’ve seen Olive trees in a Van Flandern photo. YOu Italians would have never left Mars… or Italy… for that matter, without their precious Olive Oil.

  7. Rubish.
    My deep admiration for Dr. Farrel (and this assembly) is due (still is) to the daring, methodical and disciplined way of questioning and speculating about the reality sold to us by the “status quo”.
    However, I recently started to notice a trend for the construction of “high brisance” speculations based on other speculations and trying too much to make events and phenomena fit a specific narrative.
    I can also see the start of another “ufo like cult”, with its unquestioning followers.
    This sort of cult does a disservice to Dr. Farrell (as I believe that he needs to be more careful and prudent for his sake in the long run).
    This recent lack of prudence, and the cult´s growing collection of clichés are realing pissing me off, to be honest…

  8. Not quite as interesting as the recent NASA picture of a Martian pushing a shopping cart, but intriguing none the less.

    1. Makes me wonder if the Flintstones tv series was not based on the lives of ancient humans living on Earth, but in fact based on ancient humans living on Mars.

  9. I am familiar with this photo if NASA IS NEVER A STRAIGHT ANSWER what does JPL stand. Any suggestions for what it really stands for just can’t think of any now but I and others on this website will come up with something. That object sure looks artificial wonder who made it and when. NASA and JPL caught with their pants down again.

  10. What is the distance is the camera above the Martian surface, are we looking at massively huge objects? It doesn’t matter really if that object on the upper left is a rock or not, nature doesn’t form objects like that, so if it is a rock, it has been shaped artificially. There are other formations that stick out also, like the 90 degree angles that can be seen all over the place.

      1. That’s always the problem when we are looking at photos like this. Without knowing what the ‘depth of focus’ ratios are there is no telling whether the subject is 2 cm long, 2 metres long or 20 metres long etc etc.

  11. The terminally brainwashed and the paid trolls are all atwitter, furiously copy-pasting “It’s just a rock” on all and sundry forums across the Internet-tubes.

    Looks a bit like the tip of a corner ornament from a Mayan temple, FWIW.

    And it’s always nice to see how NASA tweaks the color and saturation, as if we don’t already know that Mars is called the Red Planet. D’oh.

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