1. shhh...theycanhear

    Disregard that photo…….A clever photoshop…..fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice………………

  2. shhh...theycanhear

    Interesting; #ISIS militant with an apparent US Army tattoo pic.twitter.com/giILmtDRYT……..We now know who ISIS is…..CIA in masks……

  3. The list omits the most important and violent regime change of all – the United States of America. The stolen 2000 presidential election and the 9/11 military/industrial coup were the most important regime changers of the past 100 years.

  4. as I’m writing this (6 hrs. ahead of US EST) let’s wait and see how the results of the Scottish vote as to whether to secede from the UK (Bette Middler jokingly called it the “YUK”) tomorrow morning (after votes are finally counted in the night and maybe not OR manipulated) will pan out;

    this could go either way (assuming the voting process is legitimate, which I highly doubt)-

    let’s just see what transpires and take it from there…


    1. As someone who lives in Scotland and has participated and voted in this campaign (along with an estimated 90% of the eligible population) I find your post more than a little offensive.

  5. Land of the free dream on go ask the native people of the Americas. They were the lab rats what ever tranny the USA spread around the World was first tested out on them. America Tranny Are Us.

  6. Robert Barricklow

    There have been several coup d’états in Washington D.C.
    Let’s just start with JFK in 1963.
    There was the 9/11 one.
    There was the financial one in 2007-8.
    And the ones we don’t know about.
    Or the ones still going on.
    And, perhaps ones in different institutions, agencies, etc. ?
    A whole alphabet soup of them writ large over the globe: past, present & future, & boldly going beyond into the galaxies…

  7. That list is not comprehensive. In fact, I’m surprised by some of the omissions. It’s a LOT worse than that.

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