1. Good interview but man you got to quit smoking! I don’t know what you’ve tried in the past but just keep trying things until you find something that works.

    Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it thousands of times. – Mark Twain

    1. Why do people feel the (duty) to ask about someone’s choices. Don’t you know by now and especially on this site the massive propaganda that goes on by big pharmaceutical and govt. The info is easy to find if you care to look. This whole health kick is massive propaganda.

      1. It was intended as encouragement. I’ve seen the health problems smoking gives people in my family. For 3 decades a sibling tried everything to get off and eventually succeeded (10+ years now). I’ve seen enough people quit to know that it is possible and it is usually a different approach for each individual. The key is to keep on trying until you find the approach that works for you.

        I don’t want to have Dr Farrell check out early due to smoking and health problems. I value his work and want to keep him alive and well as long as possible. Very few authors can put out the number of books he has without getting extremely repetitious.

  2. Why would the impetus necessarily be ET technology? Why can’t it just be the urgency for the US to so outperform the other major powers technologically that it could remain on top of the heap as it has been for the last 50 years or so. Sharing the planet as equals with China and Russia is causing an ego crisis among the US power elite and desperation as well. They would rob trillions from the economy if they thought it might keep them at the head of the class. Plus, I seriously doubt that we have the remotest chance of achieving parity with some of the ET tech we have seen out there, and much of it is transdimensional anyway meaning we have quantum leaps squared needed to achieve parity.

  3. I look forward to watching this. Dark Journalist is one
    of the best interviewers out there – nobody better in my opinion.
    I will add by the way that I do not know him! I have seen maybe 5 of his interviews, including the prior with JPF, and he is just really, really good.

  4. What’s the best way to communicate your presence to the right “receivers”?
    It seems they’re conditioning us to the inevitable ET idea and are trying to impress on us that those certain others are the enemy.
    And if there is indestructible technology, there could also be indestructible entities

  5. Interesting interview.

    Indeed, we have gone from spear-to-missile in such a relatively short time. The multiplier effect & scale of media & modern technology are disproportionately dangerous capacities of modern Corporatism, being that rather than an asset unto itself, Corporate feudalism deprecates labor as a “cost of doing business.” This, is what makes human labor and thus a majority of people expendable. We live in a time when consumption, rather individual initiative and an independent production of wealth are viewed as a higher value.

    As an aside, my father was with NASA during the early days of the space program — John Glenn, Carpenter, Gemini shots etc. Could see the launches from my bedroom window. Wernher von Braun liked chess.

  6. The Jonathan Swift and telescope technology in the eighteenth century was enlightening. Beside the USA and Russia what do the Chinese and Indians have under raps as to off the books technology as well. Yes a brilliant interview can’t wait for sequel.

  7. That was a brilliant interview!
    I don’t know whether I just had to listen to a lot of talks about the same ideas, or whether the interviewer asked the right questions, but I understood so much more in this interview.

    Is there another “short” addition coming?

    1. DaphneO — I think it’s a combination of all of the above. I have heard this “same” material many times, in many ways, over the past 7-year or so, but I never miss a new interview because I ALWAYS here something I hadn’t zeroed in on before, or I hear it in a new way.

      Also, Joseph is getting better at articulating his ideas in an interview format AND this guy, Daniel Liszt (“Dark Journalist”) is VERY good in his overall knowledge of all of the topics AND his seeming familiarity with Dr. Farrell’s work.

      So, to have someone ask REALLY intelligent questions is a VERY good thing! Also, he asks the question and then just says “OK” or “yes” or “hmmm” the rest of the time. Let’s JPF talk. SO much better than interviewers who really just want to show off how much THEY know….usually not so much….

      GOOD ONE! I hope there IS a short-version. Something I might be able to get friend (who won’t listen to a long version) to check out…

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