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Yes, Virginia. You can play live Vidchats on an Ipad.

Some of you have asked about participating in the live streaming (or pre-recorded) members-only vidchats on an ipad. There is a way. While the vidchats won't work on an ipad using the native Safari browser, because the ipad doesn't support Adobe Flash technology, it the vidchats do work in the ipad if you use a flash enabled browser on the ipad, such as Photon or Puffin. Each of these carry a nominal cost in the IOS store. We can't vouch for their performance on any given ipad or internet connection, but they are often successful for playing live streaming or pre-recorded Flash video.

4 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia. You can play live Vidchats on an Ipad.”

  1. here is another… download the ustream app from the itunes store.

    follow gizadeathstar on ustream. log into gizadeathstar. then when the vidchat goes live, click the email that arrivesmin your inbox and voile. no chat function there, but the vidchat works fine!

  2. Hi Joseph:

    Here’s another one for Daniel. A few members I have talked to would like the “audio only” of the vid chats, just wondering if this is possible as a download ????

    1. I use a program called Orbit, which has a tool called grab. Using it, I gran the video from the ustream channel and use Fornat Factory to convert the flv file to mp3

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