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New Vidchat Platform Going Live

The next vidchat on the 12th will have the new platform. No more separate login for chat - it just works. No more commercials/ads.

2 thoughts on “New Vidchat Platform Going Live”

  1. Joseph and Daniel made a trial vidchat yesterday with members who stopped by to test the new platform. It works great, no glitches, and NO COMMERCIALS. Yeah! It’s posted on the Member VidChats page as Members Trial Vidchat #2. You can watch the recording of the testing and try out the chatroom, which is always open. It will be soooo much better. They’re going to use it for next vidchat on Dec 12th. It’s different so you might want to get acquainted with it beforehand. Many connection issues are discussed on the video and Daniel has posted some instructions. It was the usual fun and note especially Daniel’s new look which Dr Farrell has given him 😉

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