1. `Tis amazing how “1984” they’re getting. Where when a story of some significance does break, they spin it both ways from Sunday. “The Onion” and “The Daily Show” have more real news content than the major networks.. My guess is,this was a test story to see just how well they can obfuscate real events.

  2. Your instincts are right, Enlil and Dana 😉 The truth is revealed on the Disclaimer page: their articles are satire and the content is fiction. So, watch out for other sensational headlines in their ‘Recent’ scroll, i.e. India: Baby Born With Two Minds in Same Body … These remind me of old National Enquirer headlines (and BeforeItsNews). Thanks for the gullible, for without them we wouldn’t be so entertained (and misinformed ) …

  3. This can’t be true. For the Smithsonian to admit this, it would be tantamount to them denying everything they and others of their stinking ilk have stood for for over 150 years – their rabid support of darwinian dogma!

    All court cases have a file or case number, so is there one for this case? If this was truly a Supreme Court case then surely a case of this maginitude would mean that many Americans would have would have heard of it – has anyone on here heard of it?

    A non-American here, so please excuse my obvious ignorance on the matter if this story has been in the news there.

  4. The main problem is the elites of Europe don’t believe in truth of any kind. Just fantasies that serve their twisted interests.

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