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Sometimes you just have to admire F. William Engdahl's wonderful sense of humor, and his ability to use it to connect dots, in this case, his quip that GMOs are "food-like substances," connecting the dot to the idea of "substantial equivalence" that he surveyed in his book, Seeds of Destruction, the idea that GMOs are "crop-like plants" which produce "food-like substances":

Food-Like Substances


  1. Once Hexagonic Hives are no longer constructed by our yellow banded friends
    then the technocrats from the Pentagon will sell the farm corporations…
    ………DRONES……..maybe programmed by Apple!

    A hungry land a coming!

  2. Welcome SURVIVORS (SLAVES) to SILENT SPRING-NO BLADE OF GRASS World. A World populated by POD PEOPLE from INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS lifeless zombies before NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD read the book look at the fifties movie version.

  3. Let us assume that whoever is behind the eugenics movement uses multilevel agenda’s to accomplish their goals. GMO’s have been proven to be NOT substantially equivalent nutritionally; pesticides have been proven to be extremely toxic to organic life forms; monoculture crops are destructive to the environment; you destroy the small farmer in favor of huge corporate farms; as a bonus you take out the pollinators and birds which assist natures diversity; this all leads to starvation which is a excellent population reduction method with little to no accountability (after all its “natural”), one could go on and on with this list which is tied to just this one aspect of the overall agenda.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    The problem w/GMOs in agriculture is that it runs completely against the grain of sustainable agriculture.

  5. Churchless Mouse

    Could be some additional great book to add to your bookstore. Chilling. Honey bees are now so unusual!

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