Cosmic Warfare


March 1, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday, you'll recall, I blogged about the subject of geoengineering, or planetary environment manufacture, or whatever one wishes to call it. I pointed out that the subject has been quietly in the news for some time, and even recalled a crazy scheme of a Rothschild involving dry ice.  The problem, of course, is that doing such "experiments" on a planetary scale could wreak havoc on planet Earth, and therefore, what one would need is a kind of "laboratory" near-to-hand, to test the basic concepts and techniques.

So where are we with geoengineering, or terraforming, or planetary environmental engineering?

Well, there were two other stories that many of you sent at the same time, and oddly, the first may be related to our topic of the past couple of days:

Mystery Mars plume baffles scientists

There's an odd point made in this first article, and I hope you caught it, for it is germane to the high octane speculation - for once not my own - presented in the second article. Here's the point in context:

"On two separate occasions in March and April 2012, amateur astronomers reported definite plume-like features developing on the planet.

"The plumes were seen rising to altitudes of over 250 km above the same region of Mars on both occasions. By comparison, similar features seen in the past have not exceeded 100 km.

"'At about 250 km, the division between the atmosphere and outer space is very thin, so the reported plumes are extremely unexpected,' says Agustin Sanchez-Lavega of the Universidad del País Vasco in Spain, lead author of the paper reporting the results in the journal Nature.

"The features developed in less than 10 hours, covering an area of up to 1000 x 500 km, and remained visible for around 10 days, changing their structure from day to day.

"None of the spacecraft orbiting Mars saw the features because of their viewing geometries and illumination conditions at the time."  (Emphasis added)

Clearly, there is something occurring on Mars that has scientists puzzled, and it's significant enough to produce these rather large plumes. Now, for the record, I am in the "it's a geological process" that hitherto has either gone unnoticed, or the supposedly more-or-less quiescent planet is springing into geological life, for whatever reason.

But what is that is not what is occurring? What if someone - perhaps humans - were secretly terraforming Mars:

Astronomers spot clouds on Mars: Is the U.S. Government terraforming the red planet?

Now normally I do not go for stories or articles like the second one, for the simple reason that they are accompanied and "confirmed" - usually - by "whistleblowers" with "stories to tell." In this case, one David Cramer, whose story comes with a variety of "details" that seem to make it more "plausible."

I am not, however, interested in Mr. Cramer's story nor its sensational elements, but rather in the simple idea of the secret engineering of the planetary environment of Mars. The idea itself presents the epistemological problem that has surrounded the whole Mars-space anomaly phenomenon from the beginning: how and when does one trust official government releases of space information? are there really anomalies on the Red Planet, &c. Here, however, the problem is somewhat different, in that the phenomenon was first viewed by amateur astronomers, and, perhaps a little too conveniently, during the period of its appearance, all those Mars probes orbiting the Red Planet were "looking elsewhere," as if to underscore the possibility of some secret terraforming or other type of construction project.

If one allows for the secretive development of exotic technologies for a prolonged period of time since the end of World War Two, and with a vast and hidden budget to fund it, one can envision that at least some of those technologies might involve geoengineering and terraforming technologies. NASA, as I mentioned in Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, was toying at one time with the idea of transporting plasma-boring and drilling technology and machines to bore tunnels and galleries beneath the Lunar surface for the purpose of lunar colonization. And that was an idea being toyed with in the 1960s and 1970s! Additionally, Mars does offer almost ideal conditions for a "laboratry" to test such putative terraforming techniques and technologies; it has water, both at the poles and, some have argued, locked within its soil. It is now also assumed in some scientific communities that the probability of some form of microbial life on Mars is substantial. It has an abundance of dry ice at its southern pole, and so on. Its atmosphere contains a large amount of methane.

So are we looking at terraforming? Probably not, though the possibility shouldn't be excluded, simply because it sounds so fantastic. How would we know? One sure way is that if the Red Planet is being terraformed, or even if on a much smaller scale some sort of construction project is being developed in a particular area, then there will inevitably be subtle chemical and heat signatures: the sudden appearance of "hot spots" on the surface that linger over time and show some geometric regularity; the appearance of certain types of gases gradually increasing... perhaps one might even say that the appearance of unexpected surface water might be a sign. The point is, that if terraforming is really occurring on a planetary scale, eventually it will be visible to anyone with a decent telescope. It may be a secret now, but it will be impossible to be kept a secret. But for the space anomaly community, there are already some highly suggestive pictures...

In other words, time alone will tell.

See you on the flip side...