March 13, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

Here's a story you may have missed, but that has some (very quiet) parallels. On Feb 26th, Arizonans between Phoenix and Flagstaff and all points between were suddenly cut off from their cellphone, cable, and internet service when the fiberoptic cables were intentionally cut:

Vandals cause chaos as Arizona goes internet-free for 15 hours

And while I'm not ready to buy into the "this is all preparation for marial law theory" of the following website(trust me folks, I've been hearing "the
this is all preparation for immanent martial law" theory since the late 1970s. Like predictions of immanent Rapture or economic collapse, dating from the same period, they seem never to occur), I include this story here(brought to my attention by Mr. V.T.), because of its reportage of alleged incidents of similar phone and internet outages at the same time in western Oklahoma and elsewhere:

Attack On Arizona’s Internet Was the Beta Test for the Implementation of Martial Law

One one version of this story, the cables in Arizona which were cut included a cable of a foot in diameter, requiring the equipment or tools to cut it, something which "vandals" on a "lark" would not be likely to have with them, making the "vandals" part of the story, as indicated by the second link above, highly unlikely. That in turn means that the action was premeditated, and that someone with expert and precise knowledge was involved.

And that connects with this story:

Military Style Raid on California Power Station Spooks US

You'll note that in that instance as well, the raid was blamed on "vandals," who like the Arizona cable-severing vandals, appeared to be well-equipped and to know exactly what to do. In other words, they weren't vandals at all, but trained professionals.

Which leaves us with the question of whose professionally trained "vandals" they are, and why these attacks are taking place. One theory of course is that they are really "ours" and that these attacks are being perpetrated to create the climate of opinion for greater internet regulation and a crack-down on freedom of movement. One may think of it as a variation of the "martial law preparation" theory. If, however, that were the case, I contend that such attacks would be far more frequent, covering a greater area, in order to produce the desired scale of public opinion. Even then, in today's cynical climate, it might not succeed, since too many are now willing to assume that the government is lying, and insist that it prove itself trustworthy.  This, to my mind, makes no sense.

But by parallel reasoning, such an argument could be advanced if these "vandals" were someone else's, conducting covert operations: the scale of the attacks does not seem large nor frequent enough to send messages...

So what's going on, really?  My high octane speculation is that (1) these events are related, and (2) they are being designed to grow a body of opinion and/or to send messages, and (3) the actual "text" may not have yet been sent. In other words, expect more... but one message already seems implicit, and that is local or regional electronic transaction could be interdicted, if not permanently, then at least long enough to cause havoc. Is this related, possible, to the strange "suicides" of so many bankers and, more recently, journalists and GOP gubernatorial contender Tom Schweich in Missouri? Obviously, I don't know. But merely mentioning the possibility will, perhaps, stir up information that might confirm or deny the speculation.

See you on the flip side...