1. Robert Barricklow

    Looks like Poland is trying to Stop the MonSantens from taking over their fertile lands, as is happening in now The Ukraine.
    F William Engdahl writes: The Good Fight of the Polish Farmers

  2. Robert Barricklow

    My Monsanto, What Big Monopoly Teeth You Have.

    All The Better To Eat-Up Any Competition.
    To Stop Any Innovations In Their Tracks.
    To Stove-Pipe Information Flows.
    Silos are made to hold all grains these truths from blowing into the public winds of spontaneous discoveries.

  3. Can’t open this blogsite directly since yesterday. And I’m sure they make it seem like other websites are being hacked too, just like the widespread spring of satire news.
    As far as I know, Dr. Farrell’s site is one among few that discusses and analyzes these topics in detail, thus making it a target. Why don’t we spread it even more?

  4. Monsanto and the other Agribusiness must be running scared. That they will be found to be passing off poisons as food and shilling expensive dangerous technology as better more efficient way to produce food when it’s nether and it’s the worst than traditional ways of agriculture. Their just dope peddlers in expensive suits.

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