No sooner said than done, it seems, for earlier this week I pointed out that Japan and China have good reason to sit down and talk to each other. Well, the truth is, they have been, quietly, even to the point of Mr. Abe and Mr. Xi quietly pulling away during the last big conference in Indonesia to have a quiet conversation(our thanks to Mr. E.O. for sharing this):

China, Japan Finance Ministers to discuss economies in Beijing

The quiet little secret here, one that needs to be emphasized, is that little secret of Japanese investments in China, notwithstanding the disputes between the two countries over those little rocky islands in the Pacific. And where quite little informal talks between Mr. Xi and Mr. Abe occur, one can be almost certain that more formal and public summits will not be far behind.

When Mr. E.O. sent me this article, he also asked a very important question in his email: How long before Japan slips away from the USA? In the context of that question, consider this paragraph:

"The Finance Ministers will discuss “Chinese and Japanese economies, bilateral financial cooperation and global financial cooperation,” said a brief notice on the Ministry website, signaling the desire of both nations to mend frayed ties and promote a cautious rapprochement." (Emphasis added)

For those who have been following the development of the BRICSA bloc, this fits a now-familiar pattern: first, the talks about "bilateral" financial and trade agreements followed by (2) the expansion from there to wider bases of agreement and cooperation. Most of the "unity" within the BRICA bloc is precisely along the lines of a tapestry of such bilateral agreements between its member and associated nations. That Japan and China, two out of three of Asia's biggest economies(India being another, and Indonesia an up-and-comer), are entering such talks indicates that perhaps the BRICSA nations would like to see Japan incorporated into the emerging "New Silk Road" economic bloc. In this respect, the eventual visit of Mr. Putin and Mr. Abe will doubtless also discuss these potentialities. For a sluggish Japanese economy, the new markets might, indeed, be a godsend.

This, coupled with Mr. Abe's rearmament plans, highlight Mr. E.O.'s question  and Japan's long-term geopolitical prospects in rather dramatic fashion. There is still no love lost between some ordinary Japanese and some ordinary Chinese, but the economic and geopolitical realities are changing, and China and Japan will both have to change with them, and as they change, neo-con insanity or no neo-con insanity, America's will have to change as well. The bottom line here is that Japan cannot, nor should it be, treated any more as an American satrapy, as a "sure thing" for American politics and policy in the region. The other unpleasant truth is that the pace of this change will depend less and less on Washington, and more on the pace with which Beijing and Tokyo sort out there differences and identify areas of mutual concern and fields for cooperation. And, as I have predicted before, eventually we should expect Tokyo (as we should also expect Berlin) to insist on permanent seats in the UN Security council, and a revision of the voting procedures in that body, for rest assured, the dance between Tokyo and Beijing(and, let us not forget, Moscow), is not over. It's just beginning. It is time for American foreign policy to adjust, and adjust quickly, with appropriate long-term strategy and policy, for a multi-polar world. The uni-polar one is over. And, I am bold to suggest, this will require not new "trade agreements" negotiated in secret and imposed from above, but a retrenching of manufacturing into North America. America has to learn how to make and exporti things other than drones and war once again, because the rest of the world will pass us by, just as it passed by the British Empire while it was policiing the seas.

See you on the flip side.

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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. henry on June 4, 2015 at 5:54 pm

    @”So the public is on the outside looking in..”

    To be frank, i first heard such “unbelievable” claim of planned mass depopulation was when i accidentally stumbled upon an article written by Stanley Kubrick few years ago, in which he talked about depopulation plans involving ‘third-world’ countries with large populations like China and India etc.
    Back then, i treated it as what it sounded to me at the time, an “unbelievable” claim, so i didnt take it seriously.

    Then, back in 2011, i came across “The Anglo-Saxon mission” interview released by ‘Projectcamelot’, i spent an entire night reading and thinking about what has been revealed by it, then in the morning my telephone rang but it stopped ringing before i was able to reach the phone. (since i was still in my bed in another room.)
    but my phone can automatically record the incoming call numbers and play it out if the call was missed, and when i heard the recorded incoming call number it sounded ‘strange’ to me as i intuitively detected that it isnt any combination of numbers that are in use;
    so i tested that intuition by dialing that number, twice i dialed twice i got the response of “sorry, no such telephone number exist”.

    So i begin to wonder, “is there somebody or something ‘out there’ that is trying to tell me that this interview is important, that i need to pay attention to?”

    About 3 weeks later, another call came in, this time via my mobile-phone, and the exact same combination of numbers appeared on my cellphone screen.
    Not only that, the call drained all the remaining 75% battery power and actually rendered the phone “unusable”, as the screen froze with all the buttons not working.
    I had to take the battery out to recharge it but for an hour or so, the battery simply wont recharge itself.
    Clearly, ‘somebody’ or ‘something’ was tampering with my cellphone.

    But what’s incredible to me is when that mysterious “non-exist number” came in the second time via my mobile, i was just concentrating my thoughts on another ‘material’ which incidentally also talked about “mass depopulation” as part of “the Devil’s plan”.
    So, my thoughts or consciousness was having a “direct correlation” with whatever or whoever was making the phone calls, as if ‘it’ wanted me to pay attention to the details that have been revealed by these materials, especially the “mass depopulation plan” if im going to figure out what’s really going on. But the phone calls are not the only instances of ‘unusual’ happenings.
    And that’s when i started to really think about it seriously.

    Let’s assume what has been written on Georgia Guidestones is really the manifesto of a monstrous plan to kill off billions of human population on this planet, then in the context of such plan and in the context of recent revelation of “accidental” shipments of “live anthrax” which may in fact related to the outbreak of MERS in South Korea, and given that the method of its distribution, in which American military bases in at least three countries have been utilized to spread the virus, then one can even suspect that the extreme outreach of the U.S. “military empire” is part of that agenda since American military bases exist in many countries on all continents, and such plan needs an entity with that kind of “global reach” and technological and logistic capability to maximize the effect of the virus.

    And no, when im thinking and talking about this topic im not in panic or fearful, because i know it will be stopped, afterall i did not reincarnate on this planet to watch myself murdered by some ancient evil masquerading itself as the “master race”, i came here to witness the birth of the “Golden Age” for all sentient human beings.

    The reason for me to be interested in such monstrous plan, is to figure out why this evil wants to do this and what would be the “cosmic consequences” if its horrendous plan succeeded, which has already taken my thoughts far away from the earthly petty geopolitics, petty ‘nationalism/patriotism’ and petty human reactions, pettiness preventing ‘earthly humans’ from fully understand the magnitude of the ‘big picture’.

    And my current understanding is the evil that’s trying to do such thing and the force that’s stopping it from succeeding, yes, make no mistakes here, if it werent for certain ‘outside help’ and ‘higher intervention'(say the creator of this universe), humans on this planet would have been already wiped out; both are very very ancient entities, probably existed before the creation of this universe. I dont pretend i truly understand the titanic struggle between ‘the light’ and ‘the dark’, but one day im gonna find out when “the lotus seed in my heart blossoms into a flower”. That’s why and where im “looking in”, because the path to enlightenment and the Light is within, and all the answers can be found there, eventually.

    Then again, every individual soul has to find his/her own personal ‘path’ to ‘the ‘truth’, unfortunately most simply cling on to whichever that suits the “ego-self”, never change perspectives.
    I changed perspectives, on specific matter like “mass depopulation plan”, but the change was made “within” first, then the ‘telephone calls’ came in, but only “after” the “inner change”, so the ‘path’ is uniquely ‘personal’.

    Like Luke Skywalker said: “I am a Jedi, like my father before me.”, since my great ancestor was the disciple sent by “Shamballa/Heaven” who purged ancient China of “the Devil’s influence” manifested as ‘Aztec-style’ human-sacrifice culture, after which deeds he achieved “immortality” (now if one ever wondered why some of the most important Jedi in the Star Wars universe have “Oriental” names, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi),
    so my ‘path’ is following the footstep of my ancestor, since that’s the place where im personally and spiritually connected to, but also possibly ‘Pleiades’. And my personal “intuition” tells me “the mass depopulation plan” is as real as it can get.

    • Robert Barricklow on June 4, 2015 at 6:31 pm

      “We” are certainly getting pieces of the “puzzle”. Some have more than others. Although on the inside have certain biased information[framed by their vetted controllers]; “they” don’t necessarily have the “correct” perception of what this alien versus human interface is all about. That some want to depopulate is a conundrum that speaks to some group that’s gone off the tracks of “sanity”. Still, it is an ever present and clear danger to the “public” at large.
      Leadership is within a hierarchical pyramid power structured purposed for absolute control of the public at large. It is as diabolical as their wars and other phenomenon that speaks to a devil I know only in Hollywood terms. An evil that seems to be part of our nature; yet abhorrent to it in the same breath.
      Who knows, but perhaps, the truth will set “us” free?

  2. JD on May 31, 2015 at 6:56 pm

    I have to reuse your opening statement…
    No sooner said than done. I read this article on the morning of May 29th and was wondering, will there be a response to that. And sure there was. Maybe it didn`t make its way to the US news, but just the same evening a Vulcano south of Kyushu exploded followed the next day by a 8.5 earthquake a few hundred miles south of Tokyo kind of directed to Tokyo, still over 5 there… Now, just coincidence or more. oO

    • henry on June 2, 2015 at 6:20 pm

      Good “catch”, but allow me to add more ‘meat’ to this “fish”.

      just prior to this magnitude 8.5 earthquake which strikes south-east coast of Japan on May 30, there was something else “earthquake-related” going on, but not exactly in Japan.

      During the time period of roughly May 22-30, a rumor has been spread around the Chinese internet claiming one of Eastern China’s coastal provinces: “the Shandong province is going to be hit by a over magnitude 7 earthquake.”

      Citing an event of mass migration of toads which allegedly happened in a provincial city of Heze on May 19 as an “evidence” to support its claim that a big earthquake is going to hit the province and possibly nearby provinces.

      This “rumor”, which first spawned from “Weixin” or “WeChat”, the most popular mobile text and voice messaging communication service in China, has since its inception quickly spread to the Chinese internet, and now everyone is talking about it on the streets, the rumor has become so widespread now it has just prompted official rebuke as the CEA(The China Earthquake Administration/Chinese Seismic Bureau) urged people not to panic, that “this rumor has no scientific basis”.

      Ofcourse there has been no magnitude 7 earthquake or over striking Shandong up to date, what there has been however, are several earthquakes striking Japan and its coastal areas since May. But let’s focus back on “the earthquake rumor” in China which is happening more or less concurrently with recent Japanese earthquakes.
      According to that rumor, Li siguang, the founder of China’s Geomechanics also “predicted” this imminent earthquake in Shandong, in fact the “rumor” claims he also “predicted” other devastating earthquakes that have ever struck China, namely “the 1976 Tangshan earthquake” and “the 2008 Sichuan earthquake”, which were both over magnitude 7 earthquakes causing massive casualties, in fact two of the deadliest earthquakes in PRC’s history.

      Truth is the long dead scientist never made such specific “predictions” about these earthquakes. But ‘deadly’ is more than what these two ‘previously predicted’ earthquakes have in common, as there are tentative evidences to suggest both of these two devastating earthquakes could have been “man-made” or “technology-induced”, one of which even Dr.Farrell talked about in his book “Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations”.

      @”will there be a response to that”
      @”Now, just coincidence or more.”

      speaking of “response” and “coincidence”, here is another one that is worth of paying attention to,

      While India is suffering under “one of the worst heatwave” which has already claimed the lives of over two thousand people, its neighbor China is trying to deal with the outbreak of MERS virus at the same time. A virus that is:
      “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is considered a deadlier but less infectious cousin of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which killed hundreds of people when it appeared in Asia in 2003.”
      But this virus did not “originate” in China like SARS supposed to have back in 2003, as the first case of MERS was reported on May 20 in South Korea, and it has spread to China via infected South Korean passengers travelling to the country.

      Now, according to a “Fulford report” dated to April 28(three days after the first Nepal earthquake), titled “Pentagon plays military card against China as Washington D.C. struggles for cash”:
      – “last week’s earthquake in Nepal was generated using high energy electronic waves. The aim was to send a message to both China and India prior to US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s planned trip to India next month, the sources say. The basic message was “only the Pentagon can defend India against China.””
      – “This demonstration was part of a concerted push by the Pentagon to get India, Russia, and Japan to see recent Chinese moves in the South China Sea as evidence China is an aggressor that needs to be contained.”

      From May 14-16, Prime Minister Modi paid a state visit to China where he received the kind of welcoming ceremonies that is rarely given to another foreign head of state by China, then the same day(on May 16) U.S. secretary of state John Kerry paid a ‘one day stop hasty’ visit to China delivering the “Pentagon message” of “behave in South China Sea or else”, the Indian PM was having “selfies” with the Chinese Premier in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing where they also joined hundreds of childrens practising Yoga and Taichi there as part of the official activities during Modi’s visit to emphasize the two nation’s historical and cultural ties.

      In another words, PM Modi didnt yield to any “third party pressure” prior to his China visit. So, what happened after Mr.Modi returns to India, a “deadly heatwave” is hitting India. Now, let’s assume the ‘concurrent occurrence’ of “the heatwave” in India and “the MERS outbreak” in China are some kind of “response/message” send by ‘somebody’, then who could that ‘somebody’ be?

      And here, is what i think maybe the “humdinger” to this speculation: “Live anthrax shipped across states, to S. Korea by accident – Pentagon”

      So, the U.S. military ‘accidentally’ shipped ‘Live anthrax’ to South Korea in late May in 2015, then around roughly the same time-period, there was ‘the first case’ of MERS virus reported in South Korea which since then has spread to China.

      Now, this is why i like to “dig gold” from the “Fulford report”.

      • Robert Barricklow on June 2, 2015 at 7:28 pm

        “Once is happenstance.
        Twice is coincidence.
        Three times is enemy action.”


        • henry on June 3, 2015 at 2:38 am

          @”Three times is enemy action.”

          I’m not really sure exactly who’s the ‘enemy’ here.

          and this is what i mean by that,

          So, “live anthrax” was “accidentally” shipped by the U.S. military to not only South Korea but also Australia?

          Now, since South Korea may have already been used as a base for the “bio-terrorism” against China, then why are they also sending the virus shipment to Australia?

          Are they going to use Australia as another base of “bio-terrorism” attack against somebody else other than the Chinese?

          or is there another possibility?

          since, lets not forget these “live anthrax” shipments has been also and in fact was first distributed across several states in America itself.

          coupled with another “recent development” here,
          “Bill Gates has revealed what frightens him most: An epidemic so great, it would rapidly wipe out millions worldwide.”

          which makes me to have the reason to fear that what i suspected as “somebody else other than the Chinese” here in the context of Bill Gates’s recent “revelation” may actually mean “worldwide”, and may also include America itself.

          • DanaThomas on June 3, 2015 at 3:09 am

            Chinese media has been reporting recently on the “MERS epidemic”.

          • henry on June 3, 2015 at 6:29 pm

            @”I have to reuse your opening statement…
            No sooner said than done”

            thats what i also felt when i saw this news piece just from RT

            “Live anthrax sent to 51 labs in 17 states and 3 nations – Pentagon”


          • Robert Barricklow on June 3, 2015 at 8:15 pm

            Easier said than done.
            These Acts of God are enemy action against a public that has become collateral damage in some power struggle. Other tell-tale signs are the high profile suicides or outright murders.
            So the public is on the outside looking in, in a matter of speech, and in that context; thinking outside the box puts one at a disadvantage, compared those on the inside of this game. That it’s being being played out in turtle man Live Action, makes one want to yell-out/CUT!!! STOP The Cameras! Your killing the audience.

  3. henry on May 30, 2015 at 8:38 pm

    @”There is still no love lost between some ordinary Japanese and some ordinary Chinese..”

    Yep, its something hard to forget.

    my grandfather was a communist guerrilla leader whose organization was based around the occupied Peking area and its surrounding province.

    He was not a “communist” in the ideaological sense, but a “communist” in the practical sense, because at that time period in that geographical area the only force that was effectively organizing against the Japanese was the ‘communist’. While Chiang Kai-Shek’s Kuomintang forces(despite its patriotic elements who resisted bravely in many occasions against the Japanese) simply abandoned the land and its people.

    The first and longest occupied area were the North-East provinces(“Manchuria”), and the only remaining resistance movement in “Manchuria” was led by the communists, and this coalition forces consisted of not only communist forces, but also remanents of former Kuomintang forces who detested Chiang Kai-Shek’s “no resist” policy and defied him by forming their own resistance forces, and various local militias,etc
    under the communist leadership, this force resisted the Japanese military for 14 years in an occupied territory.

    The people in these occupied area suffered the longest during the war, but they saw hope in the communists. Thats why when the “Civil War” broke out immediately after the Japanese surrender, these vast regions easily fell under the influence of the communists, and the people there willingly joined the communist forces, in fact, those soldiers whose home provines suffered the longest under the Japanese imperialism formed the best fighting divisions and played crucial role in the ultimate defeat of the corrupted Kuomintang forces.

    In fact, when the communist forces engaged the Kuomintang forces in Northern China plain as one of the important battles that eventually led to the foundation of PRC, millions of peasants and ordinary people voluntarily helped the communist forces with everything they have.

    As matter of fact, almost forgotten by history were the thousands of Japanese nationals who migrated to “Manchuria” during the war who were later incorporated into the communist forces and served in the Chinese ‘civil war’.

    One such Japanese today still remembers how under the Chinese communist forces his original paradigm was shattered, because for him as a Japanese, they were told to fight “for the Emperor” to their death,and the Japanese mindset is such that it was for them the natural and right thing to do. But something completely different from the Chinese soldiers shocked him, as he realized who were fighting “for the people”.
    Another such Japanese soldier said “what we had were imperialist indoctrinaton, in fact mass brainwashing, and now i really want to fight Shinzo Abe because he’s leading Japan on the wrong path again”.

    My maternal grandfather was an officer in the Kuomintang army, but he was imprisoned because of his frank criticism of Chiang Kai-Shek’s “Japanese are but itch on the skin, the communists are the real threat” philosophy, as he joined the Kuomintang also as a way to fulfil a patriotic cause, and for him, the Greatest threat was the Japanese invaders not the fellow Chinese who were also fighting against the imperialist Japanese.
    My grandmother had to flee in fear as she was secretly informed and helped by Kuomintang soldiers sympathetic towards my grandfather, my mother was like only 4-5 years old when they ran for their safety, and she never saw her father again, not knowning what happened to him.

    Unlike him, my paternal grandfather fulfilled his patriotic cause in the communist guerrilla force, but he was also doing something similar to what his father did back in the late Qing dynasty era, as my great-grandfather was a fighter in the “Boxer rebellion”, which was fighting against the Western colonial forces in Peking area, a movement that was secretly organized by “the Blue Dragons”, an unsuccessful attempt at getting rid of Jesuit influence/occupation in China(i.e. the Manchu dynasty), and resisting renewed Anglo-French/Rothschild invasion of the country as “the Blue Dragons” also tried to steer the Manchu government away from Western influence.

    I had limited experience with my grandfather since we lived far away from each other and he passed away when i was about 11, but of the few times we were together, the deep impression he left for me as a child was “a deep hole” on his face, so “deep” it actually affected his speaking, in fact its so obviously he didnt speak much, but he was looking at me excited and while holding my little face, i remember tears run down his cheeks.

    I didnt know what it means until years later(long after he was gone) when i grew up to learn from family history that the “hole” was in fact a bullet wound left by the Japanese, and that was the most visible and severe one, but he actually had like more than 80 wounds on his body as legacy of that war. But that bullet on his face, it almost killed him, he was lucky to have survived.

    As 19-20ish young man, my dream used to be “having more battle wounds than my grandfather to continue the ‘family legacy'”, then i changed because i realized to achieve such thing means i have to kill other peoples, and that is something my “true-self” doesnt resonate with.

    Then again, to think that it is the same “evil existence” that was behind those colonial and imperialist forces which my ancetors were fighting against, perhaps what i’m doing now is sort of continuing the ‘family legacy’, the difference is i have elevated it to a higher level, the spiritual level, and that’s where this “evil” will be defeated as it has in the record.

    • Guygrr on June 1, 2015 at 7:08 am

      Very interesting and moving story Heny.

      “As 19-20ish young man, my dream used to be “having more battle wounds than my grandfather to continue the ‘family legacy’”, then i changed because i realized to achieve such thing means i have to kill other peoples, and that is something my “true-self” doesnt resonate with.”

      I certainly identify with this statement. I am an aggressive and radical revolutionary at heart, and I’ve struggled with the same type of thoughts myself. How does one play the “game” but not by “their” rules? Well I have an idea, look at how the PTB have built up ISIS in such a short time period. People are literally leaving America and other developed countries in droves to join the cause. The movement’s momentum has been driven by a massively unprecedented social media and internet driven campaign. Something like that would take a large, technology savvy group of people to organize and implement, but would be relatively easy to set up in today’s world without massive amounts of funding. The method obviously works, so let us flip the practice. However instead of a an ultimate message of violence, drum up discontent with the “fix” being peace and mutual cooperation.

  4. henry on May 30, 2015 at 4:42 pm

    @”that Japan and China have good reason to sit down and talk to each other. Well, the truth is, they have been, quietly, even to the point of Mr. Abe and Mr. Xi quietly pulling away during the last big conference in Indonesia to have a quiet conversation.”

    Speaking of “a quiet conversation”, i think here is another very interesting and perhaps important one that is worth of paying attention to

    its “interesting” because this “leader to leader” interaction which takes the form of ‘a stroll in the Zhongnanhai’ took place “before” the official state visit welcoming ceremony for Obama which was held in the Great Hall of the People on November 12.

    In another words, these two leaders actually had an “unofficial meeting” before the “official one”, which is quite “unusual” as it seemed having not followed normal diplomatic protocol.

    Even before Obama’s visit i suspected that these two leaders may find themselves the need to use such “rare” and “golden” opportunity to converse something very important that both of them are aware of, something of world-changing effect and priority, yet something they couldnt converse “officially”.

    and i bluntly and intuitively told my mother before that visit,

    “there is the need for these two leaders to utilize this rare opportunity to discuss the ‘space question’, so we could expect something ‘unusual’ happening during this visit that may be an indication of such scenario, but dont just expect it to be “obvious” because for various reasons, they simply can not talk about the matter openly, at least at this point”

    and when president Obama suddenly reversed its domestic immigration policy in which he tried to “legalize illegal immigrants”, i told my mother:

    “you know, sometimes these ‘illegal immigrants’ are referred to as ‘illegal aliens’, and ‘aliens’ could have other more profound implications in the English vocabulary.

    This sudden change in ‘immigration policy’ could be a precursor to even more profound changes in policies that may concern completely different type of “illegal aliens”.

    it may have been one of the outcomes of such ‘unofficial conversation'” during Obama’s “China visit”.

    and to boost this speculation a little more, i told her:

    “do you know when was that unusual ‘unofficial meeting’ between these two leaders took place?”

    on 11/11..

  5. DownunderET on May 29, 2015 at 3:22 pm

    You can bet that Russia may be playing the “go between” here and all for the better to get these two nations, who have hated each others guts for so many years, to start “talking”. As far as the US is concerned, they would not be happy at all with this dialogue, that’s the last thing they want, well Russia has some advice for them, listen!!!!

  6. Robert Barricklow on May 29, 2015 at 3:11 pm

    How many times as the “Puppet Masters” demonstrated their Act Of God bag trick? You know: Earthquakes, Hurricane & Lightning[Creedence Clearwater background music]; plus Fukushimas, Comets/Meteors, 9/11s, Oklahoma-London-Mumbai bombings, Jet Liners Disappearing, and whatever meets there fancy/teaching the new gospel, don’t cross those New Gods on-the-block.
    In todays real/fake paradigm even Acts of Gods are becoming faux news. Japan certainly is walking the high-wire act. Somewhere the almighty casting director has given a very radioactive role to play. There first act on stage was A – bomb. The next time out: the stage shook, the theater flooded, the light went out, and a deadly invisible accumulative sickness swept slowly across their land.
    Just those two acts alone are tough knockout acts to follow.
    But Samurai will dance with the devil; & not even break a sweat.
    Confucius says/ Never give a sword to a man who can’t dance.
    Or, as the Samurai Cowboy would say/This isn’t my first rodeo.

    • Robert Barricklow on May 29, 2015 at 4:56 pm

      Don’t forget their explosive tempers!

  7. justawhoaman on May 29, 2015 at 10:47 am

    Unless my hearing has gone, too, I believe Catherine (Austin Fitts) has pointed out that our biggest bond holder for US is Japan AND we still have a military presence there. Rock meet hard place. They may be negotiating but the US may be more present than it appears. Transparency for the U.S. is like a T-shirt with the tie and jacket painted on.


  8. marcos toledo on May 29, 2015 at 9:14 am

    No matter the bad blood between China, Japan and lets us not forget Korea they’re neighbors. With deep cultural ties and with the Neo-Confederates pivot to the east sick and tired of these Westerners interfering in their affairs. It is time to bury or settle their differences and present a common front against the Western interlopers once and for all.

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