Cosmic Warfare


This unusual little article from Russia's English language Sputnik site was sent by Mr. N.T., and it's perhaps a bit of message-sending and perhaps even a commentary on that strange article that appear in RT a little over a week ago about spy satellites being disguised as space junk that were "state affiliated." We'll get back to that in a moment, but there is a lot to consider in this article even without considering it in a wider context:

Say Cheese! Russia Snaps Photos of Top Secret US Spysats

One might be inclined to say "so what?" in response to this article. "So the Russians used a ground based laser to snap some pictures of an American spy satellite. Big deal." Well, it is a big deal. Consider only the fact that Russia released the photographs. Why would it do this?

One answer lies in the fact that the pictures - which we assume were released in a much blurrier form than was probably actually the case - were taken with a ground based laser. Consider the implications: the laser had to pass through scores of miles of atmospheric distortion, and yet, the satellite is clearly visible. Now, scale up the power output of that laser considerably, and one has not just a picture-taker, but a satellite blinder, or even, perhaps, a "satellite zapper." In other words, the picture was made possible through phase conjugation, the process that to some extent reverses the distortions caused by the atmosphere. The same technique and much higher power would compensate for atmospheric reductions in the power a laser could deliver on the load end, i.e., on the satellite. The message, and there can be little doubt it was a message, is simple: if we can take pictures with a ground based laser, we can do far more.

But what about that wider context of the story that Russia had discovered, and was concerned about, spy satellites disguised a space junk that were "state affiliated"? In that context, there's perhaps another message, maybe even several. The most obvious is of course that Russia is simply saying that the "space junk" satellites that were "state affiliated" belong to the USA. However, this seems to be something we can take for granted. The original RT article implied that this was fairly common practice for nations that had such capabilities. But another possibility is that Russia is sending a message to whomever those "state affiliated" satellites may belong to.

In that case, the message is more subtle, and with it, comes the high octane speculation: "If we can take pictures of American satellites with ground based lasers, we can(and probably already have) taken pictures of those 'state affiliated' satellites too." This implies in its turn the possibility that Russia (and other nations with similar capabilities, including the USA) know who those satellites belong to. At this juncture, the message becomes more subtle, for it then becomes coupled with the implied weaponization capability of those ground-based lasers: We can take pictures of it, we know (or strongly suspect) who those satellites belong to, and we can blind, or "zap" them, utilizing the same technology at much higher power."

And all of this means something else, and I hope the significance of this point is clear: Russia is sending messages about space, chapter by chapter so to speak. If that is the case, then it is likely that the other space stories we've been following is of a piece. What it all means is that the book is not written yet, but it also means that there is a real contest going on over head, and for the moment, the nature of that contest remains unclear. Perhaps, just perhaps, this story is also related to the planned expansion of ionospheric heater arrays in Europe. Time will tell of course, but in the meantime, I don't think we've heard the last of these types of stories.

Quite the contrary...

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  1. old97polarcat

    As long as we’re speculating about the messages Russia is sending about space, we might also speculate that the images show not a US satellite but a “state-affiliated” space asset or even an SSP space asset. The images could just as easily be a warning to the West about how much the US has to lose on the information disclosure front.

  2. Ah!! … Yes!! … Hmmm!!! … How much weirder can things get ?? .. We are definitely living in a science fiction movie … and I don’t have a script ..

  3. As we saw Dr. Rockefeller take over the 70’s MK ULTRA program from the CIA when they were ordered to cease and decist from any more surviellance activity against civilians by the church committee,we also saw a private enterprise receive access to government installations(march airforce base for the rockefeller foundation)to perpetuate these program policies deemed illegal by the U.S. government, These government fascilities run and protected by government security services of the airforce(read NSA))you can see a government within a government as well as a private government within the 2nd inner government. And all this confusion and treachery was already the norm in the 70’s,imagine what it is today. How easy is such an arrangement to penetrate by a foreign intelligence apparatus. Is it intentional ,perhaps arranged by the paper clip boys from brazil to add to america’s confusion when trying to get a clear picture of past or on going operations.

    1. What it sounds like to me is the CFR/Rockefeller-controlled New World Order “coming into view” as GHWB said. According to informed sources, The NWO is already well-formed and there is no serious competition to it. It contains both nazis and communists. Whoever can do a better job controlling the public in a given situation is assigned to the task. It’s purely technocratic, just business.

  4. When I first read this recent story, it appeared in a US publication from the Federation of American Sciences dated April 23 — before any Russian sources published it. The Federation of American Sciences is an organization with the stated intent of using science and scientific analysis to attempt to make the world more secure. FAS was founded in 1945 by scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project to develop the first atomic bombs. Here is the article that I am referring to:

    Russia Images the LACROSSE Spysat

    Also, see “An Album of Images of LACROSSE Radar Reconnaissance Satellites Made by a 60 cm Adaptive Optics System at the G.S. Titov Altai Optical-Laser Center.”

    Every subsequent article (including the Sputnik article cited in this GDS blog, dated April 30) agrees with three major points from this article:
    1. “The U.S. Lacrosse radar satellite was captured in images generated at Russia’s Altay Optical Laser Center, apparently between 2005 and 2010.”
    2. “A selection of images was compiled and analyzed by Allen Thomson.”
    3. Mr. Thomson is allegedly a former CIA analyst.

    Every subsequent recent article that I read on this topic (including the Sputnik article cited in this GDS blog) also sourced Mr. Thomson’s compilation of images. So I tried to find more information about Mr. Thomson, but not a great deal is to be found. Who is Mr. Thomson? Is Mr. Thomson a real person? How did Mr. Thomson obtain these Russian images?

    I found these images were originally published in a paper authored by V.P. Aleshin, E.A. Grishin, V.D. Shargorodsky, D.D. Novgorodtsev entitled, “ALTAY OPTIC-LASER CENTER CAPABILITY TO SATELLITES EMERGENCIES ESTIMATION”. The images (as stated in the Thomson articles) were captured “apparently between 2005 and 2010” and the paper from which these images were taken was presented at the 9th Space Surveillance Workshop held between the US and Russia, Krestovaya Pad, Listvyanka, Russia, August 27 – 30, 2012.

    Now, why is Mr. Thomson (an alleged former CIA analyst) choosing to deliberately rerelease these publicly available images at this point in time through various media sources? Are the Russians really sending messages?

      1. You’re welcome. 🙂 This discovery just raises more questions in my mind.

  5. marcos toledo

    If you watched from the first Star Wars movie to the most recent Star Wars Rebels series. The use of probes disguised as space junk to track down targets is a familiar meme. The question is are there pseudo-governments involved in spying from space or as I call them governments without the restraints or responsibilities of a true government.

  6. Robert Barricklow

    Of course not only are these satellites capable of shooting pictures.
    Looks like the shooting can be from all kinds of platforms.
    Space has been weaponized; as has food; drugs; why even the air you breath[chemtrails] has been weaponized. From the cave man club[weaponized wood] that spun into space in 2001 becoming a weaponized space station?/ the midas/weapons touch is without peer?

  7. Darn! I forgot to add “-Fascists” at the end of the list!

    But seriously, I just wanted to point out that for the last several days, when posting a comment, a warning screen comes up signalling a broken php function, then when you refresh your browser, a notice comes up that you have double-posted. Then you have to refresh again to return to the post. The good news is that the comment in the end is indeed registered.

    1. Ever since Roswell the line between radar, telescope devices and of course longitudinal wave generators has been rather blurry, so it’s fun to watch how things have been portrayed in the press. At least they’re not claiming that space lasers are good for your health – but the propagandists are getting so desperate that we might be hearing this too!

    2. Robert Barricklow

      Same here.
      And at other alternative media sires.
      Looks like wherever you are…
      …your in a “Western Media Version” of Chinese Censors.

  8. When the NeoConZioNazis (whew, talk about an ideological cesspit!) put Ukraine in play, they also put Russia in play and effectively launched WWIII.

    I think your analysis is spot-on. Like with the USS Donald Cook affair, the Russians are telling the Strangelovians in no uncertain terms, “Go ahead, make my day.”

    One should not forget that Russian parity in high-tech weaponry is leveraged by the Pentagram’s penchant for ordering overpriced and overcomplicated bloatware conventional weapons systems like the F-35 that match the overpriced, bloated forces using them, and the Pentagram should be more concerned and start seriously reigning in the rabid ideologues who simply can’t for a moment stop pushing the zombified corpse of Duhmerica toward their longed-for Apocalypse.

    1. According to Joel Skousen (a right-wing Mormon political analyst), The real US agenda is to try to convince Russia and China that they *can* win a war against the US so that the US can finally break out all the secret technology it’s been hoarding and vanquish it’s enemies. Hence they share technology with them even while they threaten them, both serving the same goal – WW3. What a bunch of psychos.

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