18 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM JUNE 25 2015”

  1. Robbi Huffine

    This is a bit ‘out there,’ but it’s interesting nonetheless:
    In the “A-1 Code” of alphanumerics, where a=1, b=2, c=3…etc., there’s two phrases I’d come up with, the first one sounding silly but I’ll leave that up to whoever. “Stealth Radar Systems The Ancient Middle East Knew About Yet The Pharoahs Knew More.” =823

    “The Asteroid That Will Hit The Atlantic Ocean Will Be Destroyed By The World Powers.” = 823.

  2. Hey, guys, the boys that are running this part of space think we are a bunch of cowboy bozos who will eventually blow themselves up because of genetic impairment where we foul our own nests. Yes, it is time to f%^k up space.

  3. Lights on the asteroid ceres….so that’s where Hitlers been hiding,too many russian probes flying around the planets and their moons,,,brilliant. Can’t wait for the Blob to invade,never liked that fat bastard,even in the fifties,good excuse to buy another high powered rifle,(my neighbor better go on a diet real soon if he doesn’t want to be mistaken for an alien.) Mass hysteria must be the main theme of psychology today,I wonder if it has anything to do with your mother. I wonder if being terrorized can increase the tendency of a whole society to mass hysteria and if hysteria is related to suicidal tendencies. Who cares? anyways should be an interesting experiment to watch,might even be fun to get a little hysterical myself.

  4. So what else could it be used for? Detection of incoming alien invasion of course. “The final card they will play will be alien invasion” – WvB

    So they already did the asteroid scare when Jupiter got hit. So they will now put it in place but the real reason will be to play the “final card”.

  5. Just as prophesied nearly a half-century ago by former SS Untersturmführer Werner von Strangelove — space visionary and NAZI/NASA insider extraordinaire (after all, just how many people have had their picture taken with both Hitler and JFK?) — asteroids are now on the Cabal’s agenda in a big way. Well, knock me over with a feather!

    So we can all conclude that everything’s going according to plan — and we all should be very concerned about just what will be the latest false flag they’ve concocted to kickstart the “asteroid age.”

    Leave aside though, that truly dangerous asteroids have a rarity reaching a multi-millenial timescale. Heck, we need to spend everything we can to make sure those contractors have all they need to get nukes into orbit to save us from this pressing existential threat while half the world lives in misery. It’s the American way!

    Truth be told, though, I can’t wait ’til we get to the space-aliens finale! What a show that will be!


    1. Frankie Calcutta

      “Truth be told, though, I can’t wait ’til we get to the space-aliens finale! What a show that will be!”

      Me too! TV has become a complete bore, my meds are now totally ineffectual and I don’t have a spot of flesh left for anymore tattoos. Bring on the alien wars!

    2. And seeing as we’ve been aware of the game plan for years, there is really no excuse for much of anybody buying into either the asteroid phase or the space alien phase. Yet you already know that most people will be fully suckered into both even if the rest of us are screaming the long history of the game plan into their ears continuously, night and day.

      This is perhaps the most disturbing trait of fallen man. Ruled by fear, he absolutely will not listen to reason if it means separating himself from the pack. Bizarre.

      Ah, but just remember, the (ahem) “blue avians” (guffaw) will be here any day!

  6. Frankie Calcutta

    That’ll be quite an alarm clock for those aliens sleeping inside. If we are lucky, they’ll have been the angry cousins who were returning to deliver another Towel of Babel moment. I for one think we should capture the asteroid and put it in Earth’s orbit and make it the official moon of the all those third world nations who won’t be allowed on the other Moon because it is for powerful, rich nations only. I personally find the current Moon up above a little to white for my liking, not to mention a glaring symbol of white dominance on the resources of the Earth and it satellites. As an African-American, I’d be happy to see the old, honky Moon blown to smithereens as well and a new moon of color brought in as a replacement. In the least, maybe the old Moon can be returned to the oppressed citizens of Venus who we (probably whitey) stole it from.

    1. Frankie, I’ve always heard that the moon is made of green cheese, but are you suggesting that it is actually made of peanut butter and jelly?

  7. Senator Papatine aka Emperor Darth Sidious anyone lets a welcome the Deathstar. Our protector from those nasty asteroids and comets out there in space. Joseph you left mention of the film I think the title was Meteor with Brian Keith and Sean Connory where nuclear armed missiles were used against a in coming asteroid.

  8. Very interesting observations. I think we can eliminate NASA trying to land on asteroids to deflect them, as I believe they have outsourced that task to private enterprises, such as Elon Musk’s SpaceX (why else would he be attempting to land a rocket on a relatively small platform in the ocean with a wobbly landing surface??)So, IMO all that money is going towards a different goal with much higher stakes involved. I think they are gearing up for that final goal of weapons against aliens, and are probably much further along in that program than we realize.
    Having well known celebrities take up the battle cry is a sure formula for getting the public engaged in something that they normally would ignore, but it does show that they (the celebs, NASA, etc) are very serious about this.

  9. Warning, No Smoking. Hi Octane Spec!! The Ceres angle has been covered thoroughly by Linda Molten Howe and an unusually cooperative NASA scientist over the past ~four mos. This may be a plot to counter the Russian / Chinese Lunar structures revelation
    black mail threat. By, lets’ say, exposing our own base on Ceres. NASA will undoubtedly deny any Sino-Russo allegations. No matter how valid. And the NASA discovery of the base on Ceres will be heralded as “NASA does it’s job.” in the MSM. “Give the More Money” the headlines will read.

    It will be interesting to see if we the Sheeple actually catch on to the real implications.. IF we fail to understand that we have a large space based presence: THEN we’ll have ISIS in space as a new bogeyman: AND more of our own tax dollars will be used to scare us under the table:..

  10. Robert Barricklow

    The Tesla generated energy event called the 1918 asteroid?
    The weaponized 2013 “meteor”?
    Gently playing billiards in the dark skies of space
    [weaponizing space].

    “Nudged” to assure an Earth impact[specific pin-pointed target, of course].

    Another “Fire Sale” like the Patriot Act, TARP, TPP, and other don’t read the fine print; THERE’S NO TIME/TRUST US!!!

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Also in sync w/ Dr. Farrell’s GMOs becoming a Real Politicized issue worldwide and the ongoing battle between USA/NATO and a sovereign Europe signing its own tune. Indeed the battle between sovereign nations versus a worldwide corporate dictatorship{TPP/TTIP]:
      “Sanctions and the Birth of A New Russia”

      “It’s Our Money – Mad Over Fast Track”

  11. This is yet another alarm bell regarding the weaponization of space. Obviously if you can “nudge” asteroids away from earth trajectory you can “nudge” them the other way too. Now wouldn’t it be nice if we could “nudge” away from Earth this power-hungry nuclear-transhumanist-financial-cabal out to some other planet or indeed some other galaxy… only trouble is, would the folks out there be willing to host them?

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