cosmic war


June 30, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

So many of you sent me this article that it would be impossible to thank you all individually, but herewith a general "thank you". On the surface, it seems straight forward enough. The USA is opening a new space command center to counteract the growing "counter-space" capabilities of China and Russia:

Pentagon Rushing to Open Space-War Center To Counter China, Russia

Everything here is straight-forward and crystal clear, and entirely reasonable:

The ops center, to be opened within six months, will receive data from satellites belonging to all government agencies, Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work said Tuesday at the GEOINT symposium, an annual intelligence conference sponsored by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation.

“[W]e are going to develop the tactics, techniques, procedures, rules of the road that would allow us … to fight the architecture and protect it while it’s under attack,” Work said. “The ugly reality that we must now all face is that if an adversary were able to take space away from us, our ability to project decisive power across transoceanic distances and overmatch adversaries in theaters once we get there … would be critically weakened.”

And all of this is because the USA is worried about Russia and China:

The Pentagon and intelligence community are developing war plans and an operations center to fend off Chinese and Russian attacks on U.S. military and government satellites.

The problem here, however, is that we've all heard such stories before, and it seems a bit suspicious to be opening another such command center when NORAD (North American Air Defense) already covers so much of the activities being talked about in this article, including, it may be noted, the tracking of UFOs. And thus, I suspect we're not being told the complete story nor even the biggest part of it.

Recall that in last Thursday's News and Views from the Nefarium I pointed out that NASA is cooperating on projects studying the use of nuclear weapons to destroy, or "nudge", threatening asteroids. The "nudging" part intrigued me, for as one commenter on the News and Views rightly pointed out, a "nudge" may not necessarily mean a nudge away from the Earth but rather a nudge toward it, for the ultimate use of an asteroid as a kind of "mass driver" bombardment weapon. Such plans would call for a massive expansion of our detection capability, and as I noted in the News and Views, some are calling for a one hundred-fold increase  - two orders of magnitude - of that ability. Additionally, as I pointed out, this was urgently needed ("their" word, not mine).

This, I suspect, is the background for what may be taking place here, for a coordinating command center would be needed for "counter-counter space 'activities'", a bland and typical euphemism for space-based warfare, and so much the better if one can blame the whole need for such a system on Russia and China, who, the last time I looked, weren't planning to bombard America, Japan, or Europe, with asteroids, but which, in the form of Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev, did call for a planetary wide asteroid detection and defense system a month before the Chelyabinsk meteor incident provided a "coincidental" underscoring for his remarks. And, just to round out his remarks, recall that he also indicated that blasting them apart with hydrogen bombs (and Russia, let it be remembered, knows how to build some very big ones) or "other means" was a possibility. Notably, those "other means" were left undefined, but in the context of remarks by Russian premiers talking about hydrogen bombs  - think "Tsar Bomba" here folks - the "other means" takes on a rather ominous overtone.

Increasing our capability to detect and defend space assets by two orders of magnitude - especially in the light of already existing command structures handling space matters - simply to defend against Russia and China seems ... well... a bit over the top. In the context of the last few weeks' incredible focus on the mysterious Ceres lights, and of Russia's calls for an Apollo investigation, the announcement seems to indicate the potential for a rather different kind of potential threat.

In that high octane speculative context, Russia and China are just the cover story.

See you on the flip side...