1. According to Thomas Seyfried at Boston College most cancer models don’t reflect real world in-vivo metastasis. By the time a primary tumor is diagnosed,metastasis which causes most cancer deaths, may already be underway. Seyfried believes a KDR diet should become the primary standard of care for most cancers. It is the only cancer treatment that SAVES you money! The problem with the “nano” technology is that most of those presently with stage 4 cancer will be dead before it’s available. Unless you can go to China etc for treatment. From 1996 to 2010 cancer deaths in the US have remained steady at 550,000+ a year. Mainstream oncology sees progress as the number of cancer diagnoses is gradually increasing.

    1. Yep cancer rates are skyrocketing actually. With the approval of 2,4-D or Agent Orange to be sprayed on crops, the numbels are about to soar even higher. With nano-tech, all they’re seeing is dollar signs. Don’t be surprised when treatment is $500,000 per human with a $495,000 profit margin. DCA and marijuana oil.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Now if they can just “target” & remove that cancerous & odious…

    … ” %1 “!

  3. It adds up if the goal is to reduce the “useless eater” population by whatever means possible.

  4. marcos toledo

    How long has this cancer treatment been know to the medical establishment. And why is it only now being revealed and how how much would it cut into Big Pharm profits?

    1. Indeed Marcos. Certain families don’t seem to be inflicted by this cruellest of diseases yet the population at large should expect their chances to be 1 in 3. It doesn’t add up.

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