1. Robert Barricklow

    The Down & Dirty/Worldwide Banktatorship(s).


    “Michael Hudson on It’s Our Money” {Radio Program]

    The Economic Dynamic Duo[Ellen Brown/Michael Hudson]
    Rip Into Bankster’s Dirty Deals
    Being Slammed Down The Public’s Throats Worldwide

  2. Indeed… In an absence of moral cognition and personal responsibility, personal authority is also forfeit. In the word “gay,” we have a fundamental perversion of the meaning of the word joy, which is an expression of higher faculties. It was neuro-psychiatrist, researcher and co-author of AFTER THE BALL: How America Will Conquer Its Fear And Hatred Of Gay’s In The 90’S, Marshall Kirk, who helped to invert joy — the French translation of the word gay, into a mantra for a political and cultural sanction of perversion in the name of rights and sexual liberation.

    But of course, with financial assistance coming from The Rockefeller Foundation, zoologist, i.e., insect taxidermist Alfred Kinsey, with his earlier work in Bloomfield Indian (40’s), preceded Marshall T. Kirk and Madison Avenue ad man Hunter Madsen in their culture altering agenda to subdue moral conscience in the name of science. Members of the gay rights movement and their fellow political travelers and Corporate sponsors, either wittingly or unwittingly, have assisted in this process.

    1. Looks like the whannabe wiseguys slip on the banana peels again. When will these fools ever grow up you have to be a real adult and do the one thing these jackass never do is think before you jump.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Exactly marcos.

        By the way, here’s another from Stephen Lendman, who wrote that excellent piece on Puerto Rico – in telling like it is; it’s on the continuing attacks of the Washington Consensus/Oligarchs on Venezuela.

    1. Yes Robert MONEY the real GOD of our overlords MONEY the ultimate IDOL of the MINDLESS.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Right on the MONEY marcos.
        Behind every great American fortune
        is a great American crime.

  3. Milton Zentmyer

    Frankie, I think that is so. But now they need more control outside of the TV…. because people are turning the damn things off and waking up. The Nazi/medial industrial complex are needing a more hands on ability to “touch” everyone of us. Look at what forced vaccines are doing…some of the nurses and health care professionals will not take and will not administer these vaccines. Some are losing there jobs, others are adhering to this policy out of fear of losing there way of life.

    These Nazis know what the human being is capable of using responsibility, critical thinking, a sense of right and wrong and a spiritual connection to they higher self, or God. Make no mistake, they want control that as well.

  4. The transhumanists/eugenicists are profoundly self-loathing and themselves loathesome entities. They are the true subhumans. What a deeply repugnant ideology and insidious ageda, a true cancer of the mind.

  5. Wow…bravo Mr. Farrell !!!

    I had actually tuned-in tonight with the vague idea of making a joke about how I just realized that these “Views from the Nefarium” segments reminded me of the old Max Headroom bits.

    But…this was a powerful message tonight and clearly Dr. Farrell was speaking from the heart. I agree that this is an important moment with some very sinister forces working against the free minds of humans everywhere. Of course, I’m not even sure what exactly a “human” is at this point in time but it is clear that a war in ongoing beneath the surfaces of perceived “reality”.

    I am not an expert. I have no idea. My best guess is to simply keep one’s thoughts as “pure and honest” as possible and hope for the best.

    Warmest regards all,


    1. errgh…I meant to sign off as “Kitona” not “Kiloton”…as you can imagine, I am supremely embarrassed for failing to even sing my name correctly.

  6. The meme is one of base of many fantasy and science fiction stories novels. 1984, Brave New World, The Ring a science fiction novel that deals with controlling criminals don’t remember the author. As the old saw goes who will control the controls Soma anyone does the name Landru ring a bell.

  7. Reminds me of the Sardaukar troops described in Frank Herbert’s novel “Dune” where criminals are transported to “Salusa Secundus, a prison planet, a penal colony where the “worst riff-raff in the galaxy are sent, infamously known as a “hell world,”…



    And the future looks more and more like the universe brilliantly imagined by the science fiction novelist Alistair Reynolds in his Revelation Space series, especially the book “Chasm City” – novels though they be, they are so spot on with where things seem to be heading.

  8. Robert Barricklow

    The gap between who we think we are, and what we are is steadily expanding. We Americans are not usually thought to be submissive people, but of course we are. Why else would we allow our country to be destroyed? Why else would we be rewarding its destroyers?
    The Great Gatsby/once oligarchs achieve unchecked economic & political power, as they have in the U.S., the citizens too become disposable commodities. For in the eyes of the elite, that is who you are,.
    The totalitarian state achieves control by systematically shutting down all human spontaneity, and by extent, human freedom – through fear.
    A people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves w/the power that knowledge gives.
    A broad time horizon shows there is no such thing as a native species. All lodgings are temporary and all ecosystems in a constant flux, the victims od circumstances & geological accident[or as the alien manipulated them?]. In places humans have brought the face of the earth desolation almost as complete as the moon[George Perkins Marsh].
    And yes, nature is constantly out of balance, constantly changing. So do aliens of all sorts, have a place in such a scheme? Nature undisturbed is not constant in form, structure o proportion at every scale of time & place.

    We must stop this culture & worship of death.
    We must choose rebellion, that is to say, life,.

  9. Frankie Calcutta

    Unless someone turns on the Giza death star again and obliterates the rest of the planets in our solar system, there will still always be higher powers that will have the finally say about total human engineered mind control. Perhaps the elites know this and that is why they work so feverishly to understand celestial mechanics.

  10. Frankie Calcutta

    The solution to the spy chips may be something like the robotic maggots themselves– something that will scour your brain and feed on the invading mind control electronics. I posit that the mind control chips may already be in place. Imagine a future world where we make deals in dark alleys purchasing blackmarket laboratory organisms that will devour government mind control chips. I’m sure somebody wrote this sci-fi book already.

    1. That this may be in place in some post em-kay-ultra ambient also occurred to me. Fortunately there seem to exist meditation techniques that can effectively “shortcircuit” our inner bots, whether induced or self-manifested….

  11. Frankie Calcutta

    I’ve been complaining about robotic brain maggots for years, maybe now people will finally listen. Unfortunately for me, it seems the only thing that could silence this excruciating mind terror has been alcohol. The stillness and quiet of night is really when they are at their worst. That is when you can feel them squirming across your brain, burrowing and eating, burrowing and eating. Many a rehab window I have jumped out of to escape this horrific scourge and reunite with its temporary cure.

  12. Frankie Calcutta

    I think anybody who watches tv has already handed over oversight of their intellectual and emotional life to a hidden elite.

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