August 15, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

Last week I shared some disturbing video images that had been brought to my attention by several regular readers here; these images showed what appeared to be either the actual use of thermobaric weapons in Yemen and Syria, or of tactical nuclear weapons. While the possibility always exists, in today's age, that sophisticated psychological operations can be run via the hoaxing of videos, these did not, and do not, seem to me to have that "feel" to them. In any case, that blog sparked quite a lot of good and thoughtful commentary, as people weighed in on the thermobaric or tactical nuke interpretations. The bottom line, though, was that the presence of either type of weapon actually being used operationally signified the presence of a major power behind the scenes. After all, only a few nations have the infrastructure and expertise to construct such weapons, and this is especially true in the case of thermobaric weapons, which reportedly and allegedly are products of thermnuclear weapons programs. If that is the case, then their presence is limited to thermonuclear powers (or near-thermonuclear powers).

With that context in mind, there are now reports coming out of China that explosions have occurred there, and similar reports are coming out of Russia, that many of you kindly sent along this week:

More than 40 people killed after huge explosion rocks a major city in China

Huge explosions in China's Tianjin port area kill 17, hurt 400: media




It should be noted that there is some precedent for explosions in CHinese factories:

By-standers scramble for safety after fuel leak fire becomes massive explosion at factory leading to mass evacuation

China paraxylene chemical plant hit by explosion

While the last two articles, as Mr. V (who shared them) pointed, tend to downplay the idea of any foul play with regards to the most recent explosion, the fact that it is not suspected that the latest onhe began in flammable materials raises my "suspicion meter" into the danger zone. As one individual put it who shared various articles: was this in retaliation for the recent devaluation of the yuan? In my opinion, probably not that one issue, but a whole constellation of policy moves China has made on the global stage with its BRICSA bloc partners. But an oil spill and explosion in Russia and in Moscow on the same day no less, doers raise questions. Russia not only has not been cooperating with the West by dutifully collapsing in the wake of the west's sanctions imposed on it after the west's coup d'etat in the Ukraine, it has begun serious steps to implement its own internal domestic financial clearing, and as we've seen most recently, partnered up with the Japanese giant JCB.  The interpretation that runs to "covert operations" here is the result of the West's - and America's in particular - own folly in recent years, for the covert operations card has been played so much that a real philosophical conundrum is being created.

That conundrum is that people withint the west itself now question everything coming from its corrupt governments,bought-off legistatures, corporate shills, mercantilist policies favoring only the corporations (think only GMOs and vaccines here for a moment) and agency "spokespersons" to such an extent that real trust and concensus are becoming difficult, and with them, governance itself. Or, to bring it closer to home, when explosions in CHina and Russia happen on the same day, more and more people now are more inclined to think "covert operation" than "accident" first, and that fact signals a cultural and epistemological change is taking place of a fundamental nature.

But, as a Mr. R.P. put it to me in discussing these events, there is real cause for this philosophical change, for when M, Hollande questioned the wisdom of America's policy vis-a-vis Russia and sanctions, two days later he was hit with Charlie Hebdo, an event which many analysts  think had "covert ops" written all over it. Norway backed out of Afghanistan, and indicated that it was a decision based on Norway's best interest (and really, you have only to look at a map to understand the Norwegians' point. Why have opium when you can have lefsa and lutefisk?). A week after Norway bows out of the USA's opium festival, they were hit with Brevik. Nad, as Mr. R.P. also pointed out, the pattern even goes back to Italian premier, his modus vivendi with Italian Communists and taking Italy out of Nato, then he gets a "trip in a trunk."

So, while I'm inclined to view these things as just plain old accidents - for after all, plain old accidents do occur in the real world - one can bet that in Moscow and Beijing they're taking a hard look at, and investigating, the other possibilities as well, for those, too, occur in the real world. The trouble is, they probably won't say anything about that if they do find evidence for it. They'll just indulge in a bit of their own "quiet operations"...

See you on the - more thing, and this one was found by Ms. K.M.  Remember that super-computer executive order that Mr. Obama signed, partly in response to that big CHinese super computer? Well, guess where that Big Chinese Supercomputer is?

Yup. You guessed it:

Chinese Port City Tianjin Searches for Clues After Devastating Blasts

And, just in case you missed it toward the end of the article::

China’s National Supercomputing Center, located more than a mile from the blast site, told Xinhua that it shut down the Tianhe-1A supercomputer over security concerns stemming from the blast. (Emphasis added)

Security concerns?  Rioters? Looters? Criminal syndicates like the Triads? Or something or someone else?

See you on the flip side...