1. ironic that putin’s quoted telling various media the “fight em over there so we don’t have to fight em over here” meme. especially since it’s probably much more accurate than when w was saying it. accurate or not, it’s the same junk different day different guy. good cop bad cop new cop old cop. either way it’s war that costs the 99.99% most of our resources and passes it more and more to the 0.01%.

  2. Now that Russia has begun to remove the fog of war protecting ISIS assets,the targeting and destructing has begun to crumble the Nato umbrella of deception. Now the hard questions begin as to the source of ISIS’s beginnings and even Fareed of CNN gets tony Blair to admit he caused the Iraq war with known(germany developed the informant and told Blair he lied constantly)false intel and the war in Iraq funded and founded the ISIS fenomenon. That Blair admits this openly (on CNN no less)demonstrates his confidence in his protection.Just remember the English Iraq weapons monitor that waited ten years to testify against Blair in the British parlimentary inquiry(based on allegation’s made in his book against Blair) and then he mysteriously suicides himself with self strangulation the night before he was to testify before parliment. The Britash secret service members who found his body said they were just hiking in the area. I ask you all who in
    England could legally tell a sitting Prime Minister what to do? Does the name Betsy ring a bell.

  3. marcos anthony toledo

    Putin like Toto has revealed the men and women behind the curtain are not wizards. But a dangerous humbugs with blood on their hands.

  4. Haha! Yes Dana, that’s pretty much what I was thinking too while looking over the article. Lots of low-mileage, “slightly bombed” white Toyota pickups to be had for a song in Ankara used car lots these days.

    And also that these Russian war reports/PR/propaganda/perception management or whatever you want to call them must be driving all the narcissitic DC psychopaths (and their allied partners in crime) even more insane. So much for that PNAC “the end of history” and “driving the narrative.” That RT article alone already has nearly 1200 comments.

    I half-expect both John McInsane and Bibi Naziyahoo to spontaneously combust from rage before the month is out.

  5. Where have all the Toyotas gone, long time passing?
    Where have all the Toyotas gone, long time ago?

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