1. While I would dearly LOVE to see Monsanto dismembered and destroyed, following is a comment at the article linked above which denounces this “trial” as a mock trial. I wondered about that myself as I read the article, but did not click any further links.


    December 6, 2015 at 18:29 – Reply

    The title of this article and the intent of its proponents is highly misleading and quite useless. This is a MOCK TRIAL not a real trial. If these people are really serious about their claims and intentions, why not sue Monsanto for Crimes Against Humanity and Nature in a REAL court of law ?

    I believe that many of these organizations and individuals are using the GMO issue for personal profit (i.e. selling books, documentaries, paid conferences and speaking tours, “consulting” and paying their lavish salaries, etc.) Incredibly, the Steering Committee are asking the public to crowdfund $1 MILLION for this FAKE MOCK TRIAL! http://www.monsanto-tribunal.org/home/crowdfunding/

    A massive and very profitable multi-million dollar industry has sprung up around Monsanto and GMO’s; “fighting” GMO’s has become a very profitable industry! Furthermore, the so-called anti-GMO movement and organizations have been WIDELY infiltrated by Monsanto et al…(i.e. Controlled Opposition)

    1. arya could be right. i asked in reply to tell us any suggestions. if arya knows that much, there’s probably no point in mentioning how many supreme court justices and potus executive appointees are monstersanto attorneys.

  2. I can’t help but think that this GMO food is connected to the chem trails that then rain down on the plants and soil. What are they changing in our genetics? And why. The elites have been playing around with genetics and had access to ancient artifacts/information millions of years old. If our genetic cousins are coming back to claim us, maybe it’s a better and kinder option. There’s also an occult and esoteric knowledge to what’s going on they have kept hidden and destroyed. The elites are afraid of the God/power humans are capable of. The elites are scared that if we have that wisdom and power that we would behave like them. I guess many would act the same but I have hope in humanity.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Are they engineered to survive the toxic soils?
      Are they engineered also to enable some esoteric technologies?
      No doubt chem-trails are multi-purposed, as are most of their live-in-action experimental black-ops.

      Perhaps the aliens are using these elitist bimbos to engineer Earth, so that the Aliens can breath/operate more easily and safely, when they finally… magically appear.
      It’s for Aliens; not for the humans.

  3. About time.. It will be interesting what kind of teeth this trial will have on a kingpin of the Rollerball Mafia.

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