1. It says the author can’t provide their sources, however we will see if Russia plays hardball with big pharmacy and gmo’s

  2. Robert Barricklow

    How refreshing to hear a leader actually leading his people on a path that benefits all 100% of the people; instead of a vicious/selfish few, at the expense of the rest of humanity.

  3. might have to change my pen name to bubble burster. i remember when john mackey and whole foods came in from texas and brought up the larger health food stores in the area. these were stores that were almost big enough to be called grocery stores with plenty of organic and natural foods. the chain grew into more and bigger stores. competing conventional grocery stores got crushed.

    we bought into the idea so much we bought shares in wfmi. we spent 95% of our huge annual grocery bill at wfmi. after awhile we started seeing issues.

    smaller organic suppliers were bought out and cheapened by large conglomerates. quality went down while quantity and price went up. mackey’s pr went weirder. finally i dug a little and found alternet sources with tidbits.

    mackey spent a ton lobbying to weaken organic regulations to allow him to buy conventional goods cheap and sell them as organic at crazy high prices. then he was caught using fake names and trolling competitors like the wild oats chain with crazier and crazier lies just before hostile mergers with them.

    he forcibly bought up smaller suppliers to make up his own in house brands and crush larger ones. his vertical supply chain integration even crushed out the big corporations in their race to cut quality and increase price. we got to know a few employees and saw him crushing their careers too. and he continued buying up all health food store competitors and either closing them out or replacing them. then he merged in with gaiam to further vertically and horizontally integrate (that is monopolize) the market place.

    so we sold our shares and reduced our purchases at wfmi to naught. not sure what descriptor fits john mackey. hypocrite? fascist? sociopath? demagogue? liar? thief? politician? wondering how this narrative is going to go on putin. and how long mr global is going to provide an option to pharma/military/industrial/roboticized culture?

    or maybe i should change my pen name to mr non-rhetorical question?

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Welcome to capitalism ZDB.
      Whether it’s cybernetic, klepto, mono/oligopolistic, corporate and/or disaster capitalism; it’s innately inhuman, and it’s consuming whole of what’s left – humanity.

  4. Anything that will end the legal international drug dealers strangle hold in pharmaceuticals and food is a godsend. Three cheers for Putin if he can succeed on reigning in this murderous juggernaut once and for all.

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