1. Churchless Mouse

    Agnelli, the worlds leading mining executive was iffed in Brazil last month. It has been whispered that he was tight with the gov theee, and the bansters are trying to take down Brazil.

  2. These facts stood out for me:

    “…De Leede worked [at World Bank] for nearly 25 years before retiring as a senior economist in 1994. … De Leede’s work focused on French-speaking countries in Africa.”

    “…De Leede and his wife were originally from the Netherlands.”

    So, he was recruited from a world financial capital and worked in the ‘field’ which John Perkins talked about in “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”. His focus was likely on roping-in French-speaking countries in Africa for a debilitating ‘loan’, apparently less as a salesman than as a planner.

    As a senior economist, he would know where ’embarrassing’ data or emails might lie. At 83, he might even have developed a conscience (or fear of his afterlife).

    Move along; nothing to see here…

  3. Or maybe, just maybe their deaths are faked so that they are not pursued to give evidence of any kind.

    1. sagat1 that a interesting thought being dead is one the best ways of not having to answer embarrassing questions. Especially victim #2 being a World Bank retired executive one wonders what secrets he and the first victim knew that would cause them terminal health problems. As they say the dead tell no secrets interesting the second death looks like a old style mob rubout.

  4. Obviously, entrainment is working extremely well on the upper echelons of the minion class. Where they don’t or can’t see it coming. There have been scores if not a hundred or more high finance types that have succumb to SVD (Sudden Violent Death) Syndrome. And yet not a one apparently knows Monthy Python’s benefits of “Not Being Seen”. You’d figure by now, at least one of these guys would have mounted a spirited defense. But, they appear to be totaly oblivious to the collective threat they face. On the other hand, we don’t know how many of these high finance types are living in fishing camps in Costa Rica, Malaysia and or Nepalese Monestaries under pseudonyms..

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