August 6, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

Remember that story earlier this week about the strangely warm weather in Russia's Arctic region, where an anthrax-infected corpse and several dead reindeer were found,prompting the Russian government to send over 1,000 special biowarfare troops to the region? At that time, I found the story unusual, and even implied that some sort of deliberate weather manipulation might have taken place. One reader pointed out that on occasion even Arctic regions can experience high temperatures. Well, true enough. I remember when I was eighteen years old, a family trip to Fairbanks, Alaska, to visit my aunt and uncle there. On one day, or rather, morning, I was reading a book in my shorts, sandals, and t-shirt in a guest bedroom. It was 3:30 AM. Outside, the sun was shining brightly, birds were chirping, and clothes were drying on the clothesline, and it was a balmy 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Even so, Fairbanks wasn't Point Barrow, and 85 degrees isn't 95 degrees, and the fact that the corpse in the Russian Arctic wasn't exposed until now indicates that the region had not hitherto experienced such temperatures (unless, of course, we're not being told the whole story, and a cover story is being put out, which is entirely possible).

Alaska is, of course, home to the well-known, and in some circles infamous, HAARP phased radio antenna array. HAARP's purpose is exposed by unscrambling the acronym: High Altitude Auroral Research Project. Its antennae are designed to project and focus a gigawatt of power into the ionosphere. As many speculated at the time that HAARP began to go online in the late 1980s and early 1990s - Jeanne Manning and Nick Begich among them - this might conceivably allow regions of high and low pressures to be created which, in turn, could be used to "steer" weather systems. As they also pointed out in their widely-known book at that time, Angels Don't Play This HAARP, the patents behind HAARP speculated on this possibility, and additionally on the possibility that by altering the electrical cavity of the ionosphere sufficiently, the technology might also be able to influence the electronics of missiles and satellites. It is significant, they pointed out, that HAARP was funded by the Reagan Administration, which was trying to develop and deploy a missile defense shield as a component of its Strategic Defense Initiative.

Of course, there were the usual US government denials that any of this was on the agenda, or even possible, with the HAARP array, and these denials have continued to the present time. Enter India, which has physicists too (and some pretty good ones...and, incidentally, this article was shared by Catherine Austin Fitts):

US Developed Weapon System May Cause Global Warming

Note what the Indian government is claiming:the HAARP system is (1) a weapon  and (2) capable of modifying weather. In other words, it's a weather weapon, and can be used to create storms, draughts, floods, and other "acts of nature", the ultimate in "plausible deniability."

So, as far as the INdian government is concerned, US denials notwithstanding, it's a weapon.

Things have changed dramatically since HAARP went online, not the least being  the phenomenon of chemtrails and "spraying". Analysis of these chemtrails suggests that particulate matter, often in the form of heavy metals of one sort or another (aluminum among them, for you Kozyrev-scalar shielding fans) are being sprayed into the atmosphere. For what purpose?

There are as many theories out there as there are people researching the phenomenon. But one thing does come to mind and that is to increase the electrical conductivity of the atmosphere. Indeed, while this is merely anecdotal information, thunderstorms in my region seem to have become much more electrically active then storms their size would normally be. Pop-up afternoon thundershowers rumble almost continuously like a massive artillery bombardment and the flashes of lightning seem to be a kind of constant "strobing" effect. HAARP, of course, would have its electrical capabilities enhanced, to some degree, by these efforts.

And this brings me to my high octane speculation - or rather high octane question - of the day, for I cannot help but wonder, if the Indian government is in its own subtle "inscrutable eastern" way, also calling attention to the chemtrail phenomenon as well.

See you on the flip side...