August 8, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

Every time a Clinton runs for office or is in office, the number of people showing up dead in unusual (and sometimes creative) ways (in that Vincent Price-Abominable-Dr.-Phibes-sort-of-"creative"-way) seems to notch up: think Vince Foster here, or more recently, Seth Rich, or, for that matter that weight trainer-UN ambassador who wound up dead with a barbell on his throat before he was to testify, or Ron Brown's death by airplane accident before he was to testify. In Arkansas, they have a term for these patterns of "convenient" deaths that always seem to benefit the Clintons: "arkancides". Watching it is like watching one of those Dr. Phibes movies. Except it's real.

Well, file this one in the "you tell me" category, because I have no idea whether it might qualify as yet another "arkancide" or if this is just a coincidence, as many of you found this one and passed it along:

 New commanding general of SMDC identified as Redstone Arsenal death

There's nothing in the article itself to suggest there's any cause of concern, except for one brief little note:

The Redstone Arsenal resident who was found dead Sunday on the installation has been identified as a two-star general who just moved to Huntsville to take the reins of the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command.

Maj. Gen. John Rossi, 55, was found dead Sunday at his new home on the arsenal. He was scheduled to take his new command on Tuesday, replacing Lt. Gen. David L. Mann as commanding general of USASMDC/ARSTRAT.

The cause of death for Rossi, a native of Long Island, New York, remains under investigation, according to Redstone Arsenal officials.

Now I'm about 98 % certain that this is not an "arkancide," and about 95% certain that there's nothing whatsoever here, other than an accidental, and sad death.

But as you know, it's the other 2-5% that interests me, and here the article fits a now-familiar pattern: (1) the usual bland and fact-impoverished statements are followed by (2) a reassurance the whole matter is "under investigation," and this means we can expect (3) the usual announcement about no foul play being involved after a period of time for the "investigation" to be conducted ("It was an aneurism of the [fill in the organ here]," a "sudden cardiac event" due to "unknown conditions", and so on). In other words, There's a "context" here I find disturbing, above and beyond the recent arkancides. Indeed, my intuition tells me that if there is anything here, it probably isn't related to those. There's Redstone itself, center of the US Space command, and in Huntsville, Alabama, last official US home of Wernher von Braun, and nearby Maxwell AFB, with his cornucopia of Nazi technology "Project Lusty" files. Then there's General Rossi himself, a namesake of the Roman Catholic saint, John Rossi, who, as it turns out, was the name assigned to a young orphan who emerged as a popular fictitious super-hero: the "Saint," or "Simon Templar."

But there's another context here as well, and that's a series of space-related news stories this past week (that I haven't blogged about yet), that does make the timing of General Rossi's death at least "a little unusual" to my mind. Indeed, General Rossi, like all military officers, would have regularly undergone complete physicals, and this would have been a normal factor in the determination of fitness for command, particularly for a sensitive command like this.

The jury is still out on this one, of course, but in the meantime, speculation is the order of the day, and if their was foul play involved, then the question becomes one of motivation: the "why" would lead to the "who", and as of now, it's anyone's guess, and a case of "you tell me"...

See you on the flip side...