1. The above interview is actually Pt2 of a 3-part series. Pt1 is already out; I hope to see Pt3 become public eventually…)

    It was interesting to see the philosophical roots of this system, embedded in the zero-sum game. Materialism only, thank you. No higher powers welcome…

    Also interesting was the ‘loyalty test’ aspect. Determine the awareness and submissiveness of the student by their answers to ‘loaded’ questions. As a bonus, the extension of this to earlier and earlier years allows earlier ‘profiling’, before a student knows enough to judge whether a question is seeking ‘subtle’ data. Soon enough, the computer is your Friend…

    Control through debt was also brought up. To get the more ‘choice’ jobs in a job-scarce environment (thank you, 1%ers), expensive education is required. The (non-elite) student goes into massive debt for this education, at phenomenal interest rates (usury at its finest!). At the graduation point, the student must ‘submit’ to TPTB to land any job available – doing whatever they want – to pay-off that debt. Even personal bankruptcy to shed the student debt is now unlawful. Control through debt…

    Again, I suggest that readers digest Joseph Chilton Pearce’s “Magical Child”. Once you strip-away all of our higher nature and capabilities (the current agenda, through non-mention or ridicule), then ‘Common Core’ becomes the default process…

    This may be in Pt3 as mentioned above, but everything from zero-sum game on-down to Common Core reeks of a non-human source. It is a source which either has no higher component to it (such as an AI) or is by nature directly-opposed to humans traveling a higher path (Anunnaki types, etc.). “Come, Watson, come!” he cried. “The game is afoot. Not a word! Into your clothes and come!”

      1. Goshawks, I only find a youtube video of the respective interview. Where are the “written summaries”?

        1. MxFusion, just below the title and date is an ‘active area’ labeled SHOW MORE. If you click it, the “written summary” of that article will appear. Sorry; I forgot to include that…

          1. Thanks, goshawks, much appreciated.

            Just saw your reply and checked it out. Nice feature I never knew was there.

        2. MxFusion, I tried to respond to you, but “your comment is awaiting moderation.” Look for SHOW MORE…

  2. The second largest industry in the US, second only to the military industrial complex, is the prison industry. The Fed’s printing of endless money keeps the prison industry booming, without it most states wouldn’t incarcerate so many people and both the Feds and the states would do a better job keeping drugs from crossing the border and into the country. As it is the private prisons now doubly profit off slave labor of their inmates and lobby(bribe) local and Federal officials to legislate policies that keep their prisons full. How many kids with poor test results will be slotted and manipulated into filling these prison cells by being denied jobs based on their performance and lack of conforming to PC views? Already drugs appear to be purposefully being flooded onto our streets to speed up the filling of these profitable prisons thanks to the endless paper money printing of the Feds to fund it all. The music and movie industry glamourizes drug dealing and other crimes to fill these oligarchy owned profitable prisons. There are no boundaries to the evils governments and corporations are willing to commit for more profits and exploitations over the rest of humanity.

    1. Hi Roger,

      the prison system has been privatised (as I’m sure you already know); the more people behind bars the more investors will profit;

      US prisons have become concentration camps for the US military;

      it’s the reason why pop/rap music has become so drasticaly violence-prone in the last 15-20 yrs.; it’s all a psy-op on younger minds-

      radio/CD/pop music videos almost exclusively promote/condone violent behavior-

      Pink: “Fun House”: justifies arson-
      Amy Whinehouse: “Rehab”: discourages drug rehabilitation-
      Rihanna: “Russian Roulette”: glorifies suicide

      etc.- the list is endless!-

      program them while they are young so they will listen to their role models and at some point end up in the US prison system-

      be well Roger and all readers-

      Larry in Germany

  3. Lets face it our elites wet dream is a planetary slave estate with most of the world in ruins. And a few million starving slaves serving a inbreed stupid oligarchy dancing through the tulips.

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