9 thoughts on “TIDBIT: MORE NUTTINESS”

  1. Well .. If it’s getting this ridiculous why stop at burkas .. Let’s go the full hog ..
    I want to see the males in law enforcement wearing kaftan and turbans .. No!! .. even better .. I want to see the males wearing burkas .. Not linen ones either .. Must be “see thru” pink lace ..
    All woman MUST grow beards (natural ones too .. not “glue ons”) .. I’m SURE Monsanto has a solution to that little problem ..
    And finally .. the entire force is to drive nothing but camels .. Puts an end to those high speed chases and may I add, far safer too, not for the police but most certainly for anyone caught in the “cross fire”..
    Honestly!! .. Where does all this bs end ?? ..

      1. The people who read this website would respond with a resounding ZERO… it is the rest of the population (sheep) that will continue to stand in line awaiting the chute. While I think many of the them are waking up, it might not be fast enough.

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