1. Start worrying when they make it illegal to own a non-digital motor vehicle. For now, we can still find ways to dodge the wireless bullet by driving mechanical vehicles. Might be more expensive petrol wise, but at least you’re the driver, not a computer. For now.

    1. Some people think that was the true intent behind the Obama ‘buy back’ campaign. Remove as many ‘mechanical’ vehicles from the road as possible. Give the rubes a new ‘electrical’ vehicle. You/I got to pay for it. Move along; nothing to see here…

  2. “Hackers can disable the brakes of moving vehicles, lock the key in the ignition to prevent the engine from being turned off, jam all the door locks, and make the engine run faster.”:

    Experimental Security Analysis of a Modern Automobile (2010):

    From the ArsTechnica article (2010), pertinent to the ‘chauffeur’ crash:
    “About the only thing it seemed they couldn’t do was steer the car, and even that may be possible in high-end vehicles with self-parking capabilities.”

  3. TPTB have it all figured out if you offend them or get to uppity they take you out. By ordering your vehicle to kill you or if you don’t drive commandeering someone else’s vehicle to turn you into road kill.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    Can’t wait for the IoT[internet of everything].
    They can hack just about everything.
    Including you, in anyway your connected.
    [gives new meaning to the word: connected].

  5. I have a 2000 Dodge 1500 Ram 4×4 truck and a few years ago the computer would shut off every once in a while, in the morning on my way to work, at the exact same place in front of the same hospital I drove by. It would only cut out for about a minute but when it did my truck would cut off and my steering got difficult and I almost wrecked because the traffic was bumper to bumper. But then it would mysteriously cut back on. I was very online politically active in those days and wondered if there might be a connection. It never cut off anywhere else but in front of that hospital. I had another Dodge truck before that, that wouldn’t accelerate when I punched the gas to go around someone but would accelerate and almost wreck me when conditions changed and it was no longer safe to accelerate. I got rid of that 1999 automatic transmission truck real quick for a stick shift which I could control. I also have occassionaly had all my electronic gages go hay wire for no reason then go back to normal. Perhaps it wasn’t just shoddy construction, perhaps I was unknowingly being used to test this stuff.

  6. If you are that worried about someone hacking your vehicle, buy a vintage vehicle and refurbish it, the cost would be less than or comparable to buying a new vehicle. You will end up with a “classic” or “antique” vehicle everyone will “wow” over.

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