1. The question posed here, “With almost 200 nations around the world, telling which is The Exceptional One is really not a very easy task.”

    That is a question that is absolutely, and unquestionably ludicrous.

    Lest everyone overlooks the essential idea that should be re-phrased and which is to say, “What nation has embodied in its founding documents the idea that every person has inalienable, or unalienable rights?

    Come on now, this is not a hard or difficult question.

  2. I’m gonna steal/borrow a good line I saw on a T shirt..

    Why settle for a Lesser Evil.

    Id like to know if anyone has the computer skills to take a gif of the Emperor off Star Wars shooting lightening out of his hands and stick the head of Hillary Clinton when she had that weird ‘seizure’ in front of those journalists and her head started jerking about.

    I think that those 2 images would go well together..

  3. The inmates are running the asylum. Since 1945 they have set off over 2100 (the ones we know about) nuclear explosions on planet earth. We have two psychopaths running for president and once again we have the lesser evil choice. We are bought, scared, deceived and low-key. The one percent own the media to feed us endless propaganda about our options for a better future. Most people choose to participate thinking we are helping to fix a problem. It hasn’t worked out very well so far. The house of cards is about to fall yet so many people are proud to wear their “I Voted” sticker. The most powerful vote would be if none of us showed up at the asylum and locked the doors.

  4. The exceptional-indispensable nation stoned out with a bottle-keg-jug of fire water in one hand and a gun in the other. Walking around like Victor the somnambulist that has no idea when-where they are in one word zombies. Help us if there is a god or sit back relax and enjoy this blackest of divine comedies.

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