December 12, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

In the Netherlands, a blow may have been struck against the rising tide of "populism" as a Dutch court convicted Geert Wilders, popular opposition leader who has been challenging the rising tide of Islamic immigration to Europe. Here's the story as reported by Reuters:

Dutch politician Wilders convicted of discrimination against Moroccans

I want to concentrate on the following lines:

Judges on Friday convicted Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders of discrimination against Moroccans but levied no punishment in a ruling that could influence elections just three months away.

It was the first time that Wilders, whose anti-Islam comments have forced him to live under 24-hour protection for a decade, has been convicted for his outspoken views.

Wilders, who is leading in some polls before national parliamentary elections on March 15, said he would appeal the "totally insane" verdict and accused the court of bias.

The charges against Wilders stem from a 2014 campaign rally, when he led a group of supporters to chant they wanted "Fewer! Fewer! Fewer!" Moroccans in the Netherlands. A smiling Wilders concluded: "we're going to take care of that."

Reading the decision of a three-judge panel, Presiding Judge Hendrik Steenhuis said "no one is above the law", including politicians. Wilder had planned the inflammatory remarks beforehand and insulted the entire group of people of Moroccan origin in the Netherlands, he said.

"If a politician crosses the line, that doesn't mean free speech is being restricted," he said. "A crime cannot be protected by the right to free speech."

In a videotaped response to the verdict, which he did not attend in person, Wilders said: "I will never be silenced".

He said the ruling was an attempt to "neutralize the leader of the largest and most popular opposition party in the Netherlands."

Moroccan-Dutch organizations welcomed the verdict for drawing a clear line about the limits of free speech.

"This ruling protects minorities in our country from the racist poison that is seeping into our society," said anti-discriminatiin platform NBK, which previously filed a failed lawsuit against Wilder in 2007.

Once again, the establishment and corporate controlled media is completely blind to what Mr. Wilders has been saying: questioning the core concepts of Islam is not "racism", especially when Mr. Wilders has taken especial care to make clear he is not opposing Islamic immigration, but rather, Islamicization of European culture by a refusal to acknowledge secular law. For example, see his extended remarks in a speech given in Vienna on 27th March, 2015 at the Hofburg, here(unfortunately, this is in German, with no subtitles:)

Of course, it is all too easy for such movements to degenerate into simple bigotry and racism, and I have no doubt that these movements in Europe - not only in Holland but elsewhere - contain a measure of such people. But this is not what Mr. Wilders has actually been saying. There is an underlying problem that the corporate controlled media have avoided at all costs, and that is the doctrine that allows one to lie if in fact it advances the cause of Islam. This poses a genuine security question and problem, and places even Muslim immigrants themselves under a perpetual question mark, in spite of the fact that Muslims have often served in the armed forces of their host western countries, and in spite of the fact that many if not most Muslims repudiate the extremist forms underlying much modern terrorism, and in spite of the fact that many Muslims make a conscious and deliberate attempt to integrate into their societies. Mr. Wilders has stated - specifically in this speech - that the real problem is whether or not these populations recognize the supremacy of the laws of the lands they are in, or whether they wish to remain separate from them and under Sharia, and attempt to impose this concept on their host societies, by the implementation of special parallel courts, demanding special accomodations, and so on, effectively creating parallel bureaucracies of courts (as in Great Britain). To put Mr. Wilders' message in a simple a form as possible, he is saying that the problem isn't Muslims; it's Islam and its doctrines themselves.

What is interesting in this story is that the Dutch court fell short of levying any actual punishment on Mr. Wilders for his "crime" of daring to raise the questions that the corporate controlled media will not raise and which the establishments of the West, in their globaloneyist multiculturalism bubbles fail to address, for whatever reason (one of them perhaps being that they are simply unaware of these types of issues and questions). Well might the Dutch court have avoided this, since to do so would only have made Mr. Wilders a "martyr" and fueled his opposition party even more in the upcoming Dutch elections.

But in my opinion it's a strategy doomed to fail, and that for a simple reason: it only fuels the divide, and makes the dialogue between those voices for reform in Islam, and those moderate Muslims, and the West, impossible. It is, in other words, as much the west's own establishment, as it is people like Mr. Wilders, that makes the chasm unbridgeable, by driving an immigration policy it knows all too well includes those radical Islamicist elements, and by failing to address conceptual issues. But Mr. Wilders, and the many moderate Muslims who live among us, know that the problem is real, and will not go away when courts stick their heads in the sand, and fail to allow free and open speech and an examination of those issues. Free speech, a core value of our culture and civilization, is not abrogated by the special claims of particular groups.

See you on the flip side...