So many people sent articles on these related topics that I decided to include these links, and let you read for yourself. All I can say is, when I read these, I was well and truly disgusted. Nevertheless, these stories provide a context, perhaps, for other stories of missing people, including many missing children and people that are a part of the refugee - immigrant crisis afflicting Europe... and yes, I do entertain the worst possibility...

“Abortion quotas” set for clinics by Planned Parenthood; “salespeople” rewarded with pizza parties when abortion goals achieved

Euthanasia and Organ Harvesting: A Ghoulish-But Not Surprising-Proposal

Haiti police rescue dozens, arrest 12 in human trafficking ring

42 Arrested in Memphis Human Trafficking Operation

474 Arrested, 28 Sexually Exploited Children Rescued During Statewide Human Trafficking Operation: LASD

I don't know about you, but why do I get the distinct intuition that all these stories are deeply connected?


  1. I suspect these round-ups of pedos is a means to take out a lot of low-level players to create a buffer against prosecution higher up the food chain.

  2. Just another service the Mexican mafia provides in several locations in most towns and cities across America. They like them young as well. I think their age of consent is lower than ours.

  3. “I don’t know about you, but why do I get the distinct intuition that all these stories are deeply connected?”-

    well, probably because it’s the truth-

    organ trafficking/harvesting occurs whether one has an organ doning card or not; what most are not aware of (but it’s true): living organs can only be harvested when the doner is still alive; even if the ‘doner’ is brain-dead he/she will be kept on a life-support machine until all organs (last is the heart) are harvested; yes, obviously this is a hideous concept but one must be aware of reality and what is really going on-

    Larry in Germany

  4. But again there is the eight hundred pound gorilla in this story the sterilization binge that proceeded before the abortion tirade. This was directed against the natives of the Americas, Australia first and continues to this day and includes the people of Eastasia as well who are also on the list to be liquidated. Yes the question who is behind this planetary monstrosity and two legged beings aren’t the only ones on the list to be destroyed.

    1. I watched his videos on this. Scary stuff but it explains a lot as well about all the crimes that are being ignored in some of the communities I’ve lived in. It’s all part of the NWE. New World Evil.

  5. Where do all the organs come from? Where have they gone? And what about those announcements regarding organ “printing”/cultivating that should make the use of real organs superfluous? The agenda here may not actually be a medical one.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      John Kelly, Trump’s pick to lead the Fatherland Security, err Homeland Security, holds an advisory role at DynCorp International.
      All these companies aren’t American,
      they’re international corporate fascists.

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