1. Madrid circular anyone. When is this den of thieves and crooks going to go down.
    Anyone with an eye for skullduggery cant but help see the EU is damned and the sooner the better. I just hope Le Pen gets the gig, because she will explode the EU in a heartbeat.

  2. I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you! Politicians conspiring in secret! Undermining democratic institutions and following hidden agendas! This is an outrage! Unprecedented! This evil must be routed or it will grow to rot and then one day the public will no longer hold faith in the goodwill of their governments.


  3. Will the Commonwealth start to court Russia now? This would help contain the perennial threat of continental Europe (Germany) to the British Islands, particularly if the EU goes its own way militarily. Furthermore, the potential to keep China in check if Russia were to ally itself to the Commonwealth would also be an advantage of this relationship, particularly if China becomes even more expansionist in Asia and becomes a threat to Commonwealth members in that part of the world.

    As the US has become such a wildcard and a potential enemy to any nation that might look at this crumbling empire cross-eyed, allying themselves with Russia would also give the Commonwealth access to military technology that could put them on par militarily with the US and Continental Europe. Israel could also be brought into the fold, if it isn’t there already, with assurances that it would maintain control of the global vice industries and their ethnic cleansing of Arabs can continue unabated. Overtures to Japan and Korea would also be wise, but if I were the leaders of those two countries, I would remain neutral and allow all the caucasian nations to inevitably go to war with one another once again and hope they take China and Israel down with them. Then these two industrious nations with the highest IQs and strongest work ethic could divide up the world between themselves, feed all their colonists genetically modified food that will turn all non-Koreans and non-Japanese into imbecilic midgets while taking advantage of all the longevity and genetic enhancement technology transforming all Koreans and Japanese into gods. Eventually these two nations will spread out into space where they will fight a nasty comic war against each other and destroy the Earth in the process.

    1. VO, you bring up a thought: Could the US be consciously adopting the North Korean model? By that, I mean appearing soooo crazy to the rest of the world that any potential opponent backs-off in disgust and horror? North Korea has used this ‘posture’ successfully for decades. Maybe, they are now being emulated…

      1. Robert Barricklow

        I though the Israelis had the patent on that?
        Those crazies that should be put back in their box.

      2. Goshawks,

        That’s a good point. We’re the real North Korea in this world. Maybe the world finances are debt because we are always rattling our saber?

  4. What is disconcerting that a Muslim party won 3 seats in the Netherlands.


    The PvdA lost heavily and is a typically strong socialistic party. The PVV (liberals) lost yes, but not enough = Rutte’s party.
    When people are truly ready to choose for themselves Muslim parties will have become too strong. Maybe they will be adopted to rule with the bigger parties to get that dreaded majority.

    So what is next, now that St Niklaas can stay in Spain I suppose Santa will become forbidden too! Seems party time at end of years will become dull and the Dutch like to make a lot of noise on those end of years days.

    We will have to wait what the French will do if they by then haven’t killed Marine real or figuratively before April.

  5. Turkey Trying to unload the cripples it help create in the war in Syria and Germany is helping their old allies from WW1 again.

  6. Robert Barricklow

    The Occult Powers appear to be continuing to build a new 21st century of universal fascism, a return to the dark times of the Middle Ages, whose agenda is total control over the world and reduction of global population through eugenics, wars and terrorism. The BRICS were trying to establish a counterweight towards this means to an end.
    This “immigration” is part a the new “holy crusade” strategy, there about power, the power to destroy. Thus, the fight for democracy by young students and others is rapidly being transformed into a seizure of power by a highly-organized spectrum of Islamic groups whose Sharia agenda is every bit as totalitarian or fascist as that of Hitler’s Germany or Mussolini’s Italy. We know the historical ties of the Nazis with the Middle East, where the Muslim Brotherhood joined Hitler’s holy war against the Jews and the CIA subsequent funding of the Brotherhood.
    In short, immigration has become weaponized.

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