When I read this article shared by Ms. S.H., I honestly thought we had reached a new low for the utter shamelessness, and utter disregard, for the idea of individual freedom and property rights that usually wafts - malodorously - from the corridors of power, for this one is a stunner:

Of course, to make all of this sound acceptable and "compassionate" (favorite terms to bandy around whenever they want to take your property, or make another anti-freedom, anti-human grab for your life or those of your loved ones), this is only being done or advocated for those who have died:

Connecticut State Sen. Ted Kennedy Jr. (D-Branford) — son of former U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) — wants to give state government control over what happens to citizens’ organs after they die.

Kennedy recently introduced SB 750, which would automatically enroll Connecticut’s citizens in the organ donation program.

Organ donation has been traditionally something that one opts into, but under the Kennedy bill, one would have to opt out of the program:

As is the case in most states, citizens currently must choose to opt into the organ donor program. Were SB 750 to pass, however, the state would automatically assume a citizen’s consent and could harvest his organs after death, unless he went through the proactive process of opting out of the program beforehand.

The comes the oddest statement of all, this time from a Connecticut state Republican Senator (aren't Republicans an extinct species in the northeast?  anyway...)

“It’s a bill that would seem to indicate that the state owns your body unless you say otherwise,” said state Sen. Joe Markley (R-Southington).

Now, as you can imagine, all this has my high octane speculation working in overdrive. Consider just that last statement: "It's a bill that would seem to indicate that the state owns your body unless you say otherwise." How convenient: you get to identify yourself as someone opposed to the state parceling you out after your death. Much of the opposition to transplants comes from religious people whose religions view the body as a temple of God, not to be parceled out or desecrated: Judaism, Islam, Christianity all have views of this nature. So for these people, this bill would have you identify yourself as having scruples against what the state dictates about your own body. Now, I can think of all sorts of reasons that this "opt-out" idea is bad to begin with, not to mention the bill itself. But after all, it's coming from the "powers that be", so we shouldn't be too surprised that they want to seize not only our wealth, but our organs. After all, our organs are wealth.  Now this seems to me to resemble another little socialist scheme from the past; it sounds vaguely like the way the Nazis viewed the piles of corpses in their concentration camps: as sources of wealth to be harvested: silver and gold in the teeth, hair for wigs and pillows, skin for lampshades, a little body fat for soap... one could make a pile of money. Too bad they didn't think of organ harvesting... Nothing of the body is sacred, everything is to be harvested in the perfect, scientifically run technocracy, and for those who can afford it: buy a heart - or several - and circumvent the transplant regulations if you're super superwealthy... (hmm... that reminds me of someone recently in the news, but I can't place the name...). It's Soylent Green, Auschwitz Tea, Belsen Burgers, blended with the very best nutrients...


Now as if this isn't ghoulish enough, my bigger concern here is that this occurs at a time when sex trafficking, human slavery, and pedophilia rings are in the news. I put nothing past these ghouls: if they're willing to confiscate your body's organs after your death, and have you self-identify if you're opposed to the whole notion (only a kooky socialist technocrat could dream this up), then what's to prevent them from "helping you along"? You check into a hospital for a little minor surgery, and "they" determine you're "no longer viable" (though you might still be able to live a few more years), and they need your Fill in the Organ Here for a transplant there; the hospital also needs the money the "procedure" would generate, or Mr. Fill in the Name of the Filthy Rich Billionaire Here needs a Fill in the Organ Here and your Fill in the Organ Here just happens to be a "perfect fit" and Mr. Fill in the Name of the Filthy Rich Billionaire Here is so much more important than you are, so... off you go. With a little thought, and careful management and planning, one could set up an organ harvesting business that would be quite profitable, and if  Mrs. So-and-so checked the "opt out" box on her online registration form, that, too, can be secretly changed if we need Mrs. So-and-so's Fill in the Organ Here. In other words, all this would be like the old Michael Douglas-Genevieve Bujold film, Coma, where they do precisely that: induce comas in patients and harvest their organs and falsify medical records(oh the wonders of computerization!).

These are the same people, let us remember, that want to tax the very air you breathe, and like I've often said, a vote for them is like a vote for Nazis, for they have no conception of the sanctity of life whatsoever. Oh they will howl and protest that it could never lead there, and that's not what they intend, but mark my words, that is precisely where this is headed. In my high octance speculation of the day, I suspect strongly that it's merely a way of beginning the process of legalizing what they are probably already doing.

See you on the flip side...

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  1. Profile photo of goshawksgoshawks says

    There is an interesting semi ‘woo-woo’ component to all of this:

    Assume cells have their own version of consciousness. Assume that the association of your soul with your body’s cells has some kind of ‘connection’ (non-local effect?) that would normally end when the cells die-off after body death. Then…

    What happens to the soul of the ‘harvested’ person when his/her body parts do not actually die after the death of the (collective) body? Is it ‘moored’ to the organ, and hence to the new body (and to ‘who’ is controlling that body)? And if it is ‘moored’ to the new body, can it be kept-back from the ‘pearly gates’ for the life of the new body?

  2. Profile photo of LSMLSM says

    if my read/listened-to sources are correct (and my sources always stand to correction) the donor still has to be alive with a beating heart (even if brain-dead) for the organs to be effectively harvested; tissue (like start with retinae) after ‘death’ can be successfuly extracted but not the organs themselves unless the heart continues to beat (artificial help is very often implemented);

    I realize this is completely macabre/ghoulish but I think we need to know what we’re dealing with-

    “the individual becomes incapacitated when confronted with a topic so monstrous that he/she believes it could not possibly exist”- J. Edgar Hoover

    be well all-

    Larry in Germany

  3. Profile photo of LostLost says

    “(aren’t Republicans an extinct species in the northeast? anyway…)”

    Please familiarize yourself with the USA, Lepage, Giuliani, Peter King, and Mitt Romney are all republicans from the Northeast.

    Also, enjoy the “kooky socialist” invention called the internet.

    Last organ transplants from older sick people wouldn’t make much sense. And many times organ transplants don’t work real well.

    • Profile photo of Joseph P. FarrellJoseph P. Farrell says

      I’m Quite familiar with them, but regard them as a kind of “fake” opposition. My view is that the two political parties are both parties of the Left, a “hard” one and a “soft” one. As for the internet being a socialist invention, I’m sorry, I do not think it is.

  4. Profile photo of ButtonButton says

    Puts an entirely new meaning to the phrase ‘brain freeze’…I think I might enjoy a Belsen Burger with some nice chargrilled Norse Chops topped off with a warm bowl of Aleutian bone broth.
    Now my question is where are all these good morning organs going to be stored and who’s going to pay the electric bill for the cooling towers and refrigeration units? Organ tax anyone? The internet tells me about 2.5 MM people die each year in the USA. I’m not sure how much storage space that many organs requires. Are we flaying and keeping the skins as well? That would make a difference. I propose grave robbing as an established alternative with a long and noble pedigree that seems much cheaper in the long run with no red tape and government paperwork to boot. Snatching young urchins and waifs from off the streets for full body transfers works also.
    Nonetheless, I do see a great entrepreneurial opportunity for progressive thinking mortuaries and funeral homes, and enterprising pastors shouldn’t find it too difficult to press a few bible verses into service to convince the proles of the supreme act of charity of giving their organs to the state.

  5. Profile photo of SoCal GSoCal G says

    And its not all that hard to change that check mark either. US Gov. has spent hundreds of millions dollars in converting the way medical records are stored. EHR (Electronic Health Records) was part and parcel of ACA. Its child’s play to change that in a record or to even rewrite it later if you have that capability.

  6. Profile photo of marcos toledomarcos toledo says

    Didn’t Charles Fort have the idea that we are all somebody property. There is the idea there are the masters and there are the slaves. If you have no power or there are those who think you are only a think you are a commodity to be bought and sold. The Western Asian-European power elites addiction to slavery and cult of private property fuels this meme. Ted Kennedy Jr. bill in and it self is not evil unfortunately our elites will use it to evil ends and lets face it they doing this already. This bill if crafted right may at least bring these problem out in the open so that faced head on instead of remaining in the shadows where it is now.

  7. Profile photo of bastabasta says

    This just makes it a whole lot easier for all those “elite” Methuselahs to get their fifth or sixth liver and blood transfusions. No more mess or fuss of skulking around organ harvesting in war zones or nabbing them off the street, just grab ’em while they’re still warm off the operating room table.

    ER surgeon: “Whoopsie! Probably shouldn’t have nicked that artery!” Oh, well… Nurse, page Dr. Kissinger, he’s waiting in room 205, I think we have just the right liver, and just look at those kidneys! Oh, and I almost forget, please inform the next of kin.”

    • Profile photo of LSMLSM says

      spot on, WalkingDead; we’re constantly being told that this or that is for our befefit when it’s just the opposite; and the non-questioning ‘sheeple’ always consent and go along with it…