Tidbits of Conspiracy News


For those asking, Catherine Fitts just emailed an update about the Virtual Pipe Organ crowdfund project: Phase II is well underway.  Here's the mailing Solari sent out:

Dear Joseph,More good news!  We wanted to let you know first before we broadcast more widely.

A wonderful existing donor has made a $4,000 donation - to match the next $4,000 of donations. This will enable us to finish Phase II. We are hoping to order Phase II before the Phase I organ is delivered. If we can raise this amount before the end of May, we may be able to lower the cost of Phase II.

We want to thank the person who has made this possible and all of you for the energy, spirit and momentum that has brought us this far.  If you know others who would like to join in, do forward this e-mail to them.

Needless to say, we are forever grateful for your partnership in this deeply delightful crowdfund adventure.   In addition to acquiring his Organmaster shoes and a complete set of sheet music for Bach's organ compositions, Joseph has also arranged a special homeowner’s policy for his organ when delivered.  This is a man who is ready to start practicing!

If you want to contribute toward the match or listen to the recent update audio recording by Catherine and Joseph, you can go to the Joseph P. Farrell Virtual PipeOrgan Crowdfund website.

We still have room available for our lunch with donors in Louisville, Kentucky on May 13th. Joseph has already finished his presentation, so you know it will be good!   If you want to sign up for luncheon in Louisville, you can register here.