1. The only reason you would recall all your Heads of Mission, from all your overseas posts, at the same time, is to tell them something, not to ask them to discuss the future direction of your entire foreign, aid and trade policy.

    The timing of this announcement is suspiciously close to revelations that the CIA has been using consumer electronics to spy on everybody. Perhaps this is a meeting that must happen in person because they finally figured out that the secure diplomatic communications network isn’t so secure after all. I wonder if all electronic devices will be confiscated upon arrival.

    Perhaps they’re planning to load all these diplomats on the Terror Australis and ship them off to Antarctica for some other kind of gathering. Perhaps a gathering that requires a hundred seasoned diplomats.

  2. Awww.. I came here hoping to see Antarctica as well..
    Quote from the article :
    “The cost of the temporary recall includes an estimated $1.1 million in flights and accommodation and $70,000 in venues. ”


    Well mate, that’s yer own blawdy fault for living on the wraang blawdy side of the planet mate.

    They didnt talk about the other million needed to send everyone back again.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Like Pierre alluded to yesterday to Israeli’s Rothschild prime-puppet going downunder; with ominous insinuations pointing to downunder, downunder – Antartica?

    Hopefully – an unknown, unknown
    monkey-wrench is in the works.

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