July 5, 2017 By Joseph P. Farrell

This article that was shared this week by Mr. G.P. caught my interest because I have known "transgender" people in my life. Most of them have been able to put up with me, in spite of the fact that I'm totally against the current linguistic hoopla of "gender neutral" language or forcing people to use certain pronouns so as not to "offend" anyone. Sorry, I don't play that game. If someone "formerly male" wants to be address as "she or her", that is up to the individual's decision. Some, for reasons of their own, might refuse. Others, for reasons of courtesy, might acquiesce, but in any case, I think on such things one should be free to respond as one wishes, at least, as far as terminology goes, rather than to force people to drink the radical kool-aid, as Ottawa has just done.


... this doesn't mean I am not without sympathy, and after I read the following article, even more so (copy and paste into your browser):

While the language in this article is...well... colorful, what I found arresting here was this description of this individual's experience with that community, where, according to him, there appeared to be a definite agenda taking place:

Then, when I was 17, I found something that made my life make sense: transgender forums. These websites told me that my feelings were classic transgender feelings, and that I needed treatment immediately. Over the next years I began the process of changing my gender. I saw a “gender therapist, attending support groups, and even put myself on the waiting list for female hormones. Then, when I went to University, I got a wakeup call. There were loads of guys like me, who may not act like the “manly man” ideal, but still have no intention to change there gender. That’s when I realized that I was going down a dark path, and quickly abandoned the idea of me wanting to become a girl.

During my year in the transgender world, I noticed some things that made me uncomfortable. The following is common rhetoric from support groups, forums and therapists.

Everyone who feels confused is transgender. If you make a single post on a transgender forum saying you think you might be trans, you will be validated in those feelings. No matter what the story, whether it’s about enjoying “female” interests, or something that sounds more like a sexual fetish than a legit medical condition, you are trans according to the user’s.

Any gender non-conforming is proof of trans status. Like certain movies, music or TV? You are trans. Like wearing bright colored clothes? You are trans. Have more female than male friends? You are trans.

OK, I thought, this is possibly pretty typical for these types of forums, and I had no doubt that what he experienced may be fairly typical. I don't know, as I don't visit such forums. But then I read this, and thought "Whoa!"

So where’s the conspiracy?

When someone takes the hormones they need for “treatment”, they are prescribe to expensive medication for life, one that requires lots of medical attention. These people are cash cows for the medical industry. Unfortunately, there are not a lot actual transgender people in the world today. So why not make more? I think that big pharma is shilling forums and paying off doctors and therapists to convince people that they need these hormones.

The average trans person, when discussing there time before transition, fits a simple mold. An awkward nerdy teenager who doesn’t act like a stereotypical manly guy and doesn’t fit in with jocks and “tough guys”. However, that description probably describes a large portion of the population. That’s where the medical company’s take advantage of people. By convincing completely normal and healthy people that the need help during a low point in their lives. High school sucks for people like me, but once you leave it gets better. University and the real world isn’t high school. But pharmaceutical companies are convincing people that the problem isn’t that high school sucks, but instead they are suffering from a serious medical problem, and they need treatment now.
(Emphasis added)

Now, call me completely crazy (it wouldn't be the first time, folks, that my high octane speculation has gone completely off the rails), but I think this gentleman may be on to something; apparently the folks running the Alex Jones site agreed, for at the end of their quotation of this individual's comment, they add this:

On the off chance circumstances actually warranted it, it would be a lot easier to help a boy who thinks he’s transgender by giving him testosterone than it would be to give him female hormones and hundreds of thousands of dollars of cosmetic surgery.

How much of this whole craze is caused by low testosterone due to soy and xenoestrogen consumption from plastics?

Or, let's go further, how much of this is caused, perhaps, by the general state of our nutrition and food supply? We have GMOs, vaccines, chemtrails, and virtually a whole rash of electromagnetic "wash" that is bound to affect human physiology, inclusive of sexuality. Not the mention the odd thing this gentleman seems to notice, that "trans people" are given estrogen rather than testosterone? I wouldn't know if this is a pattern or not, but what's disturbing is that he has observed what, to him, is a pattern, and why not thus capitalize on and attempt to drive a phenomenon, and increase profits from what may be an "environmental problem" which Big Pig pharma and its chemical-industry allies in "agribusiness" might be causing in the first place? And, if one grants that high octane speculation, then one has to ask if indeed his version of the pattern is correct: is there a trend to force feminization on such people through lifelong female hormone prescriptions, rather than masculinization through male hormone injection?

I honestly don't know.

However, I don't know about you, but when I read this, I could not help the sinking, sickening feeling in my stomach that this individual might be on to something, that there might be a pattern here, one to exploit a certain group of people, to drive an agenda, to increase profits. I could not help but think of the wacky Canadian law about gender pronouns that restricts free speech... and then this article came, and provided a motivation for it.

I have the strong feeling that this gentleman is on to something, and I earnestly hope he is successful in finding other people who may have had a similar experience, and I hope they will share them in some public forum, because if they are correct, then this needs to be brought to light, investigated, and if proven, the individuals and companies involved in the hideous practice brought to justice, because I cannot imagine a more horrible mental torture than that which transgendered people have to go through, then, on top of that, to be cynically used and abused as a source of profit.

See you on the flip side...