October 5, 2017 By Joseph P. Farrell

Before I get started with today's blog, may I express that I am truly, deeply, saddened by the events in Las Vegas. I mean this not in the usual sort of "obligatory way" we have when expressing sadness and sympathy during such times, but rather because I am sad for the victims and their families and in a way even sadder because whatever one makes of the event itself, the saddest part of it is unfolding now, and that brings me to the curious expression in the title of this blog.

The title of this blog is "Be Inert! &c" and not "Be Alert! &c." We'll get back to the reasons for that in a few moments, for as one can imagine, it has a great deal to do with my high octane speculations for the day.

As most of you are probably aware by now, there's been another mass shooting, this time in Las Vegas. Sooner or later, I suspect, it was bound to happen, which is the first sad part of the story. That doesn't take away from the sadness of all those who have lost loved ones, but it is, I suspect, a sad testament to the sickness of the age and the truly sick, and for the most part genuinely diabolical people running it. We'll get back to that in due course as well.

As most people that are regular readers here are aware, normally I don't comment on events like Sandy Hook or the Boston Marathon bombing, or this most recent shooting. It's not for lack of thoughts on the matter, but rather because by the time I would say anything, everything that might be said about such things has been said by others. But this time around, I have to say something. For one thing, the pattern is becoming so predictable: first it was one shooter, then came the stories of witnesses seeing or hearing more than one; he shot from here, no, there was another shooter and he shot from there; then came the allegations of connections to jihadism, and, to make it really complete, alleged connections of the alleged shooter to Lockheed-Martin, and implicit in that, mind control &c &c. Oh, and let's not forget, this occurred as the shooter allegedly shot from a 32nd story window (the number giving the "masonic connection") in Las Vegas with its duplicates of Egypt (Luxor) and pyramids (more Masonic-occult connections).  For those really paying attention and connecting dots, there have been allegations about domain names (remember 9/11 and all those strange domain names before the event?) and questions about how so much information could come out so quickly, rather like the late Col. Fletcher Prouty's story about seeing Oswald identified as the alleged assassin of JFK in a newpaper in Christ Church, New Zealand, before he was identified as such by the Dallas police, along with the usual "lone nut assassin" theory, plus the "police shot him" vs the "he shot himself" theory.

Don't believe me? Well, here are just a few of the articles many people kindly sent to me(and thanks to all of you who did). Consider the previous paragraph a summary of what you'll find(unfortunately, once again I seem unable to embed links in this post, so you'll have to copy and paste):






Second Shooter? Footage Appears to Show Las Vegas Gunfire Didn’t Come from 32nd Story


What disturbs here is the fact that all of these initial stories appear to fit all of the patterns outlined above; we've seen all this before, and it appears that nothing much has changed except the venue and the alleged shooter. In fact, that's the problem, for it could indeed be a case of someone simply losing their mind and going nuts. It is the way this story is already being exploited that to me -  as I am quite certain it will also  be evident to most readers here - seems more suspicious than the story itself, and  that this exploitation is an "op" of some sort, though of what sort we don't really know, and of course, the perpetrators - if indeed there really are any beyond the alleged shooter, who was conveniently shot, or who conveniently shot himself - are once again able to scurry back into the darkness to plot more mayhem and murder. As a psyop and social engineering, it is, of course, classic, because the meme is planted that in addition to not being able to feel entirely safe sending your children to school, lest they might be shot, one now cannot enjoy a simple pastime like relaxing at a concert, or enjoying a friendly discussion with the other players and dealer at a blackjack table, in Las Vegas. as a friend of mine suggested, a hidden meme might be "Why go all the way to Vegas... come to Macau!" Bottom line: you're not safe anywhere, a former Lockheed-Martin cum recently-converted jihadist cum lone-nut assassin might get you (granting, of course, that describing a jihadist as a nut is a bit of a redundancy).

Now, there's no doubt in my mind that the pattern(s) of exploitation is, or are, really there, and that it (or they) serves (or serve) the purpose of social engineering, even if only the rather obvious one of "breaking down society" and giving the Demorats and Republithugs yet another talking point in favor of grabbing everyone's guns (note the alleged cache of alleged weapons allegedly found with the alleged shooter who allegedly conveniently shot himself, or allegedly was shot by the police). Confused? You should be. That, too, is part of the objective: obfuscate things so madly and badly that paralysis sets in.

Which brings me to my "Be Inert" in the title of this blog. Shortly after the assassination of President Kennedy, former President Eisenhower was queried by reporters about what he thought of the whole thing. I remember seeing this as a boy, and with a little hunting, one can find this interview(if nothing else, in the documentary Evidence of Revision). Eisenhower's response is nothing less than a stunner. For the few seconds he is on camera, he appears nervous, anxious, and under pressure in a way that one would not expect from the General commanding all western Allied forces from D-Day to the German capitulation. But what he says is truly amazing: he says, over and over, that the American people will "not be stampeded." Over and over, almost as if he is stating, not a fact, but a mise en garde, a warning, and caution, not to be stampeded into "recommended actions" nor to adopt "narratives." His words perhaps conjure the possibility that what was uppermost in his mind was that the assassination would be used to do precisely that, and perhaps by pointing out the possibility, he prevented "something" which only he knew, or suspected. Even Lyndon Johnson had moments of uncharacteristic honesty when he let slip, during the period of the Warren Commission, that he was fearful of possible confrontation with the Soviet Union as a result of this, and I strongly suspect that he too viewed it as being an "exploitable crisis of opportunity". Coming from someone who in my estimation was involved at some level in it, the admission is quite a stunner.

I suggest here that the response be the same: be inert; do not be stampeded. Question everything, because like all crises  for the powers that be this is a crisis of opportunity. "Recommended actions" will follow as certain people reveal themselves for what they really are(some already have in respect to this event). Expect the usual parade of names recommending the usual things(some, once again, already have). But be inert. Being inert is not the same as being paralyzed. It is simply the refusal to move, or budge, or to become overly distracted by something possibly meant not only to paralyze and confuse, but to distract.  It does not mean ignore it; it does not mean blow it out of proportion. It does not mean jumping on the bandwagon of "recommended actions" that we'll now hear from our corrupted "leaders." It does not mean dismissing conspiracy theories or analysis of peculiar details. It does not mean by the same token rushing into them. It means calmly digging and finding the truth while not budging one inch to the spin and narratives and recommended actions. Be inert, and resist the politicization of every aspect of life in the modern USSA.

See you on the flip side...