Conspiracy Theater


October 16, 2017 By Joseph P. Farrell

The Las Vegas shooting narrative, or rather, narratives, is coming under intense scrutiny, as most readers here are aware. And as most readers of this site are also aware, a growing number of people are noting the resemblance of the shooting to certain well established patterns for such incidents; call it the "JFK" template:

(1) an alleged shooter is identified as the "lone nut" who perpetrated the crime;

(2) said shooter ends up conveniently dead, in Stephen Oswald's case, from being shot by Jack Ruby, and in Lee Harvey Paddock's case, by being shot by police (in the very first reports), or by having committed suicide (or being suicided), according to the later revisions of the narrative;

(3) the crime is perpetrated during a major public event; and,

(4) is perpetrated in surroundings and in a pattern suggesting a ritual component; in JFK's case, in Dealey Plaza, with its trident arrangement of streets, near Dallas' first Masonic lodge, complete with three unidentified "tramps" to complete the picture of the "murder of the King" (Hiram Abiff) by Jabula, Jubelon, and Jubelo (the three murderers of the King in Masonic ritual), and so on, and in the Vegas incident in a concert venue located across from that city's replica of the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, and an Egyptian obelisk.

But there's another aspect of the pattern that is now beginning, apparently, to be repeated. For example, it is well-known to JFK assassination researchers that a great number of witness or people associated in some fashion with the assassination began to die under mysterious circumstances. So many, in fact, that the odds of all of them doing so by mere coincidence are astronomically high. For example, George de Mohrenschild, the White Russian "oil geologist" who introduced Oswald to the Dallas White Russian community died shortly before he was to testify to the congressional committee on assassinations in the 1970s. Cause of death? Suicide... by shooting himself with a shotgun. Similarly, Dallas Deputy sherriff Roger Craig, long a critic of the official narrative of the Warren Report, who adamantly insisted that the rifle found in the sniper's nest was a 7.62 Mauser, and not the subsequent 6.5 Italian Mannlicher-Carcano, was also offed, after several attempts to have him "auto-accidented to death." The pattern of

(5) the death of contrarian witnesses

is already beginning to happen with the Vegas shooting. Consider this article shared by Mr. H.B.:

Las Vegas Massacre Survivor Abruptly Dies Just Days After Posting Eyewitness Account Of Multiple Shooters And Subsequent Cover-Up

And there you have it: clearly Ms. Suchomel appears to have described shots coming in from a multitude of angles, implying more than one shooter, and in this she fits the "JFK template" of witnesses in Dallas who clearly heard shots they thought were being fired from the Grassy Knoll, not the Texas School Book Depository building. Suchomel also appears to corroborate other witnesses who reported about a lady warning that everyone was going to be shot. But there's something else fitting the "JFK Template":

(6) The removal or doctoring of statements.

As the article notes, Ms. Suchomel posted her comments on her Facebook page, which was subsequently removed. Similarly, some witnesses to the JFK murder made statements which they subsequently stated were deliberately altered prior to appearing in the Warren Report, with some even having their signatures forged on affidavits.

Nor is Suchomel the only witness to already have died:

Key Witness in Las Vegas Shooting Kills Self and Daughter Following FBI Raid

Here yet another pattern emerges:

(7) Impossible explanations for the event or related events: the Magic Bullet.

In this case, Mr. Bellman appears to be yet another "suicided" witness by shotgun, raising the question of how one places a shotgun behind one's head in order to commit suicide.

The bottom line is: the template is there, and that alone should raise many questions about the tragedy in Vegas.

See you on the flip side...