6 thoughts on “TIDBIT: THE EQUIFAX HACK”

  1. Quote: Or an ent ity with State-like resouces that is not a state?

    Excellent point, Dana. Perhaps the largest government contract network octopus in the world that most people never heard of – SERCO

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Prescient statesmen like Lincoln know that the greatest enemies are from within. That’s why; allegedly, he kept them so close. In fact, many organizations are salted with extremely organized ent ities do accomplish precisely this.
    Couple this, with a crisis by design structure[software notorious for its holes] and the monopoly of Microsoft as a backbone[I men, its begging for criminality]. Tie that in with a government known for its corruption/Twain’s pen really nailed it!

  3. Or an ent ity with State-like resources that is not a state? … Like maybe “nazis” Dana ??? & I keep wondering why Doc keeps taking the Longggggggggggg way around …harveys barn Lol ta say it 🙂

  4. Just like the the US military’s “network it all” and China’s “identify them all”, once the data base becomes too large to be manageable, it springs so many leaks its is vulnerable. When will people realize it’s the shear volume of data that is the problem. When you add to this the number of “back doors” designed into all these systems by intelligence agencies down to unscrupulous individuals it is virtually hopeless.
    Just like every world wide “empire” before it, their NWO is doomed to fail before it ever gets put into place. The larger it is, the faster it will fail.

  5. This was covered in some detail on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. What a fiasco! Apparently Equifax put up a website for customers to troubleshoot or air their concerns and – low and behold – it ended up being phished! And apparently Equifax were not on the ball with realising what had happened and put the link up in their Tweets? But we shouldn’t be surprised since the hack occurred apparently in July and they notified the public in September? Not sure if that is collusion, incompetence, or both!

    You couldn’t make up this stuff!

  6. The culprit is said to be a “Nation-State” but not China. Why is Bloomberg being so coy about this? Could it be a country that is supposedly an ally? Or an ent ity with State-like resouces that is not a state?

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