January 24, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

Mr. V.T. shared this article, and given today's main blog, I consider its possibilities and implications important enough to share:
Blockchain Explained – The Child of Artificial Intelligence 3

Blockchain Explained: To a Child, Pre-Teen, College Student, Expert, and You

Consider the following paragraphs from the transcript:

QM: Yes because the value added to Bitcoin from day one to year five was all criminal activity. Whoever made Bitcoin is the person who has the ledger that lists all the massive criminals around the world. The dark web is infiltrated by criminal activity, which is the reason bitcoin is at $7,000 and no one understands why because the dark web is bombarded with criminal activity that’s raising the price.

JG: So let’s get to how cryptocurrency is tied to artificial intelligence.

QM: Blockchain or cryptocurrency is a transaction database that you can’t delete from it.

JG: We don’t know who this Satoshi Nakamoto is.

QM: The delete functionality quite possibly is one of the options for the backdoor in Bitcoin because it’s a database that doesn’t have delete, so if there is a super admin somewhere that could delete transactions and remove money.