1. anakephalaiosis

    Patristic exegesis.
    Giza gas chamber gold fish.
    Spin centre entangle.

  2. (Germany never got most of its gold reserve back. First, Germany wanted it all repatriated. Basically, they were told, “Nein!” So, they settled on a much smaller amount [a fifth?]. This amount was then delivered. Next, the MSM-pressti tute [hah!] started trumpeting that Germany got its gold back, even early. A clever ‘lie’ as the vast majority was/is still in foreign vaults…)

    Good for Hungary! I think they can see which way the wind is blowing, as regards how the Troika treats its ser… citizens. I also wonder about whether the EU will break-up along Germany-France and everyone-else lines. If so, Italy could be positioning itself as the dominant nation in the new ‘coalition’…

  3. Don’t forget when France sent a Battleship into NYHarbor, demanding it’s gold out of the downtown NYC bank/s.

    The thievery is becoming so blatant.

  4. Who in their right mind should trust the Bank Of England let alone the Federal Reserve with their nations’ gold? Their countries gold is not safe in any of those two banks.

  5. Dana, now you and your country have a chance, after wonderful elections . A window is open 🙂 In Britain it’s closing fast. So use it 🙂

  6. I do fervently wish you will be proven right and that beyond mere rhetoric, sections of the Italian establishment will find the wherewithall to take positive steps towards restoring sovereignty (such as the question of the gold reserves stored in “friendly” depository banks), after decades of subservience to Washington, Berlin and Brussels. Then there is the Vatican, but that is the hardest nut to crack – they were the people who invented control files, after all!

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