1. Robert Barricklow

    The internationalists wanted to destroy the nation state. They’re looking to get us back to a feudalistic system of Kings, Queens, Nobles owning serfs/slaves. This version would be digitally monitored & controlled from the high – literally satellites with IoT Earthlings chipped and all cyborg bit players.
    Manufacturing robotic control of all things living/machine – for to them, the living are things -just as they are.

  2. An example of the ‘onshoring’ of American technology from at least a decade ago:

    Boeing had been offshoring more and more of the manufacturing for its commercial planes since around 1980. But for the 787, the bigwigs in Chicago (no longer in Seattle, alas) went globalist, big time. Huge chunks of the 787 were not only manufactured overseas (or in on-shore but foreign-owned factories) but were designed overseas. Even the crown jewel of Boeing, the wing design and manufacture, was outsourced to Japan. (And, Boeing engineers and technicians were laid-off, and their expertise lost…) This globalist approach had very mixed results, with Boeing having to constantly step-in to shore various companies up. But, the Boeing management steadfastly stated they were doing the right thing by reducing Boeing to a snap-together aircraft company.

    However, something had changed in the background. For the extensive updating of the 777, executives decided to bring the composite wing design and manufacturing back in-house. The same with several other strategic items. It was obvious that Boeing management had been told to stop the globalization (dismantlement) of their company. And this occurred around ten years ago…

    On a related topic, Russia has always been pragmatic around weapons production. This comes from hard lessons learned in early WWII. Do it cheap, fast, and simple – because the front lines might be a few hundred miles away. (During the worst years, T-34 tanks were not even painted; just welded-up and rushed out the door to combat.)

    The loss of The Ukraine, post Maidan, crippled much of Russian weapons production. Soviet planners had out-sourced critical capabilities to Soviet Bloc nations, never imagining that those nations would not be part of the Soviet Union. For example, Russian cruisers are being delayed in construction because large marine engines were out-sourced to The Ukraine. Such capabilities are slowly being rebuilt inside today’s Russia…

  3. The problem for the USA is unlike Russia has no neighbors that can hand it its head. Neither Canada or Mexico can of themselves dish out blood and fire to the USA. And the USA believes its fairy tales about it past and present and that its captain of its fate which its not. Its in reality the puppet of its puppet masters it has never been a free agent a useful idiot so to speak.

  4. Author Martyanov has written that the USS Donald Cook “incident” did not happen as described, i.e., that the Russian jet did not shut down all the electronics on that ship.

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