August 10, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

Ms. M.K. found this story, and passed it along, and this is one that I simply have to talk about. As regular readers here are well aware, I'm fascinated by the story - or rather, the lack of a story - about missing Malaysia Air flight 370. I've tried to stay abreast of this story as "developments" occur, but it has been frustrating for one very obvious reason, namely, that every "development" is really a "non-development," and thus it is far more accurate to say that I've been trying to stay abreast as new non-developments non-occur.

The most recent non-development that non-occurred was the Malaysian government's release of its final official report, which ran to about 400 pages, and which essentially stated what we already knew, which is next to nothing.

This was Malaysia's way of saying that the disappearance and presumed crash of the flight remains a mystery.

As one might imagine, I wouldn't be blogging again about the story today, if it had not taken yet another very very strange turn, and that turn is that France is considering reopening its investigation:

France reopens investigation into missing flight MH370 after Malaysia's 400-page final report was accused of hiding the truth

As the reader will observe, the linked article reviews some of the strange conspiracy theories out there, including, of course, the one that those pesky never-to-be-trusted-always-Byzantine-Russians and their Evil-Criminal-Super-Genius-Mastermind, Vladimir Putin, had the flight shot down. Missing from the list is the theory - articulated on one of the American lamestream corporate controlled "networks" by an American general shortly after the flight's disappearance - that the flight secretly flew across India by following closely in the wake of another civilian airliner and thus dodging the primitive radar of those primitive Indians, and landed in Iran where it was going to be used in a false flag attack. Other versions of this had Israel, and not Iran, doing the secret flight-across-India and false flag. India, of course, stated that this was nonsense and had such an event occurred their air defenses would have known about it.

So now France wants to reopen its investigation, claiming, as the article notes, that Malaysia is covering up something, and part of what France wants to investigate is the following:

The Gendarmerie of Air Transport wants to examine data from satellite operator Inmarsat which tracked the plane before it went missing in March 2014.

It intends to 'verify the veracity and especially the authenticity of all the technical data transmitted,' according to French newspaper Le Parisien. (Emphasis added)

Wait... now the satellite technical transmission data is in question? And why do the French authorities suspect that the data is questionable? This is an intriguing point, because shortly after the flight disappeared, this author maintained the "it just went poof" hypothesis, i.e., that it was the target of some exotic technology, or had fallen victim to some strange and rare natural physical anomaly like the Bermuda triangle. Then it was announced that the Rolls Royce jets on the aircraft were still transmitting telemetry data for some time after the aircraft had diverted from its course and flown back across the Malaysian peninsula to the west southwest. And more importantly, if the French suspect this data is questionable, then who altered it, and why? We're not being told at all. But at the time, when much was being made of this data, I pointed out that data can be faked or altered, and perhaps was during the transmission itself.

And, come to think of it, why is France involved at all? Granted, French were aboard the flight. Debris allegedly from the flight washed up on French or former French islands in the western Indian Ocean. So for those two reasons alone, France can claim a stake as an interested party. But that raises a significant question: why is no other country with a similar stake conducting an investigation? After all, there were significant numbers of Chinese and Americans aboard the unfortunate flight, and other than a Chinese satellite photo which was made available by China shortly after the disappearance and then quickly retracted, and stupid claims by American generals about flights through India, no Chinese or American government involvement at an official level ever took place, a suspicious circumstance in and of itself. Indeed, the article points out this very strange circumstance:

No other countries are probing the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing that had 239 people including four French nationals on board.

That suggests that those "other countries" know or suspect they know what happened to that flight, and have agreed to keep it a secret, or possibly been threatened to do so.

Then there's this:

The report said there was insufficient information to determine if the aircraft broke up in the air or during impact with the ocean.

It's that "break up in the air" that intrigues me, for that is a very different thing from an explosion; the language is carefully chosen, and is perhaps indicative that the Malaysian government knows something, and is either not talking, or afraid to do so. What caused the potential break-up in mid-air? I'm stuck on this curious statement in the article because the Malaysian ambassador in Madagascar, it will be recalled, was responsible for collecting all the debris that was washing up in the western Indian Ocean, and getting it back to Malaysia... until, that is, he turned up dead... At the time this occurred, I thought, and I still think, that he saw something in the debris, and was silenced. And I did not, and still do not, rule out the possibility that what he saw may have been evidence that the "debris" may have been salted, and not from the flight at all, or that he saw evidence of the mechanism that brought the flight down.

So once again we have another strange twist in the story that, as yet, has no agreed-upon plot-line and narrative: no sooner than Malaysia released its report, than France says something is suspicious in the technical telemetry, and the whole mystery is reopened.

But that, let it be noted, is already a bit of progress, for this is the first time that this data has been questioned, and that raises the prospects of foul play and some hidden player with motivations we do not yet know, or of foul play in covering up either incompetence, or some very anomalous circumstance.

Either way, in short, Malaysia Air Flight 370 just had its Zapruder Film moment...

See you on the flip side...